Thousands of bees hours besieged building in central Stockholm

A huge swarm of about 5000 bees for hours besieged office building in the center of the Swedish capital, causing panic among the passers-by and office workers, according to a Saturday news portal Local.

Swarm was seen by passers in the afternoon on Friday. Insects flew down the street, startling passersby, then settled on one of the office buildings, where is the office of H & M.

"This went on for over three hours. They swarmed all the windows and started to wade into. My colleague was horrified, because she is allergic to bees," — said office worker Annette Rieger (Annette Rieger).

Soon the rescue "besieged" expert beekeepers arrived, dressed in special protective suits. After rising to a high-rise elevator, they are put to sleep with smoke the bees to carry to safety to humans and the insects themselves place.

As noted portal, the City could not explain the appearance of a swarm in central Stockholm. Scientists believe that the bees flew to the city in search of a new habitat.

"Swarming bees is a natural part of their reproductive cycle. When the hive there is a new queen bee, old flies and takes with it part of the bees to settle in a new place," — said the expert beekeeper Dagens Nayheter (Dagens Nyheter).

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