To have neskladovae involved the Minister of Culture Latushko

Today begins a kind of marathon presentation of the project "I neskladovae." On Wednesday in Minsk restaurant "Kamenica" — press conference. October 21 — Presentation in Moscow club "Chance." Presentation in Minsk is scheduled for October 28 at the "Reactor", and in November the musicians are going to perform in Kiev.

The idea of the project "I neskladovae" originated years ago in several creative people of Belarusian origin — Roman Orlov Vadim Margolin, who now lives in Moscow, and Boris Shterna, who lives in Israel.

Says Roman Orlov:

Roman Orlov

"Project" I neskladovae "appeared in November 2009 as a result of the announcement in a sense, the Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko that 2010 year will be Year of Belarusian Culture in the Russian Federation. And since I have a lot of friends in Moscow Russian descent, many of which are beyond this time my partners on the project "We neskladovae" we have decided to support the affairs of this announcement Mr. Paul Latushko and made a musical project. "

The first concert staged in Moscow, February 2, 2010. April 23 concert in Minsk club "Reactor". Then he was again Moscow, the Belarusian party in a popular Moscow club "Metsa Forte." Tomorrow — again a concert in Moscow with the participation of Belarusian writers Vladimir Orlov and Andrei Khodanovich and groups "Harley" and "Dali". The "Do neskladovae" — a kind of cultural bridge between Minsk and Moscow, and the calculated not only on the Belarusian minority, says Vadim Margolin:

"Our goal — is more ambitious: to lure the Russian-speaking, English-speaking, German-speaking public, because Moscow — is a Babylon in Russia. Now for a large number of Russians Belarusian language — is a Russian dialect funny. And we'd really like to get rid of it. Actually" In neskladovym "involved some of the best musicians."

Alexander Tomatoes, Vitaly Artist Oleg Khomenko, Vladimir Pugach, Julia Glushytskyy, Anna Khitrik, Eugene Chalyshev, Rusja, Victor Rudenko, Alex Stokes, Vadim Kosolapov, Alex Hlestov led to the "Do neskladovae." About the music features of the project says Roman Orlov:

"Stylistically," I neskladovae "- is an adult contemporary music with a variety of current trends, such as hip-hop, reggae and so on. Because the material is formed over the course of three years, that is something you might feel like a" J: Mors ", but now the experiment continues in the opposite direction."

Most of the music and lyrics himself wrote Roman Orlov, he's joined by Boris Shtern, who lives in Israel, Andrey Kravchenko, who lives in Washington, Vadim, Dmitry Margolin Voytenko from Moscow. The song of the same name, "I neskladovae" director Nicholas Batvinnikam in Moscow shot video.


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