Tourists warned of the danger of avalanches in the Carpathians

Department of Civil Service for Emergency Situations in the Transcarpathian region warns tourists about the danger of avalanches on January 17-18 in the mountainous areas of Transcarpathia.

"Territorial Emergency Management in the Transcarpathian region encourages all travelers to be very careful during the holidays in the Carpathians and similar rules of conduct in case of avalanches", — stated in the emergency department.

Rescuers explain that when he heard the noise of an avalanche, you should immediately hide behind a rock, a tree, lie on the ground, his hands protecting his head, hugging her knees to her stomach, directing the movements of the body and breathing through an avalanche clothing.

Two tourists came last Saturday under an avalanche in the Mount Gemba in the Transcarpathian region. One of them died, the other with multiple injuries was taken to hospital.

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