Traces of Hyperborea, or from the beginning of mankind?

February 21, 2013 17:41

The official science says that humanity was born somewhere in the south, in Africa, and then gradually migrated to the north, to the extent that, as in Eurasia thawed glaciers. And about 7-8 thousand years ago the first people got here. However, there is another alternative version of our history, which states that all modern nations are descendants of previous great civilization of Hyperborea, which is somewhere in the north.

The term "Hyperborea" came to us from ancient Greece, the legendary land is mentioned in many works of ancient historians, writers and philosophers — Aristeas, Herodotus, Dalmasta, Homer, Ovid and Hesiod. All of them unanimously asserted that Hyperborea — it's a wonderful country of gods, located somewhere in the Great Northern Mountains, which stretch from west to east and is the boundary of Scythia. Incidentally, Scythia at the time refer to the territory of the North Pole and the Arctic Ocean on ancient maps called "Scythian".

Paradise "the country of the gods" Hyperborea, which believed by the ancient historians, and do not believe in the myth, but as an absolute reality, has long attracted the attention of researchers and scientists. Perhaps it sought nothing less than Atlantis, but for some reason this quest does not advertise. In the territories of the Russian North visited even Hitler expedition, consisting of members of the Ahnenerbe. That the Nazis were able to look here? Probably the same as in the 20 years sought Soviet Academician Barchenko, the expedition which took place on the instructions of the GPU. By the way, the results of this expedition were completely confidential, and can be, quite destroyed. We wrote in detail about the research Barchenko article "Footprints Hyperborea found in Russia." Since then, interest in the country of the gods has not disappeared, and in this article we will talk about the latest scientific discoveries and studies that confirm the existence of Hyperborea.

Expedition Demina

New surge of "Hyperborean research" came in 1997-2000, when the area of the Kola Peninsula, visiting one expedition after another. The founder of this new series of scientific research became a professor, Ph.D. Vladimir Demin, decided to follow in the footsteps Barchenko to find he described artifacts. And he did it largely succeeded. Unfortunately, soon after his expedition scientist died. But his work was continued by his colleagues — physicists, mathematicians, geologists, archaeologists, anthropologists and historians. This is not to mention the numerous journalists, psychics, shamans and even ufologists. By the way, the interest in UFO and psychics is quite understandable — the Kola Peninsula is a lot of unexplained phenomena, UFO sightings, curved space-time, and other mysterious things. All this is described in detail in numerous documentary films that were shot in the footsteps of these expeditions.

So, what the researchers found? We begin with the search area. Mainly under the remnants of Hyperborea means the northernmost territory of Russia — Kola Peninsula, the Solovetsky islands and archipelagos Bodies (a group of islands in the White Sea). Even scientists are inclined to believe that Greenland is also a remnant of the Hyperborean continent, but for obvious reasons, on the Kola Peninsula to look better.

First of all, based on the discoveries made possible clearly that the people lived in the North, and lived a long time. And they left behind a very recognizable tracks, scattered almost all over the world in its most northern latitudes, north of the Arctic Circle. The above islands literally littered with stones giganstkimi regular geometric shape, with smooth, like a saw cut in the surfaces and stone buildings of different shapes. They were given a common name — Sejdiu. Seydi easily recognized and have many varieties — as "tripods" vertical columns, square and rectangular blocks and mounds made in strict geometrical form. The purpose of these structures is not clear, as no clear way to make them. By the way, they look like Stonehenge, which, as we know, is also located in the North.

In addition, were found stone stairs, pyramids, mysterious giant human figures, which seemed forever threw their shadows on the rocks, petroglyphs (drawings on the rocks), spiral labyrinth. A Mount Vottovaara were found ruins of a sanctuary. Here, according to tradition, was the capital of Hyperborea. Scientists are inclined to believe that this was an observatory. Right rectangular stones arranged in a circle, have a clearly non-natural origin. Now this area is dead — there is no life, only dried broken trees. Locals consider this place sacred and refused to walk in it, fearing retribution ancestors. Here are the temporal and spatial gaps, many mysterious phenomena.

Of human figures whose shadows were on the rocks, the most famous is the figure of a giant named "Kuyva old man." His 70-meter shadow on a rock with arms outstretched leaves only big question mark. These "shadow" on the rocks are formed only in a nuclear explosion. Also noteworthy is the underground manhole, which was described Barchenko, and then found again expedition Demin. This hole is the entrance to the world of the gods, but it is practically impossible to come up, because the people are in a wild animal fear. About to go into it, can not even talk — there is terror, bordering with death.

As for the pyramids, they were discovered by modern geophysical techniques, which "shines through" any objects. Geologists have found that many hills are in fact pyramids. And they have an orientation to the cardinal points, a similar Egyptian pyramids, and they finish building a few times in height.

Archaeologists and linguists paleoclimatologists

In favor of the northern latitudes were inhabited by people for a long time, they say, and recent archaeological discoveries. Recently, it was found a few large sites, which are located above the Arctic Circle. These parking — Mammoth Kuria (Komi Republic), age about 40,000 years, Parking Berelekh (lower Indigirka River, 71 degrees north), age about 30,000 years, parking in the village Byzov (Urals), age 18-19 thousand years.

Traces of Hyperborea, or from the beginning of mankind? The newest branch of science called paleklimatologiya studies the history of climate change on Earth. This is done through rigorous scientific tools, no conjecture, as is often the case with historians. So, paleoclimatologists have recently contributed to the proof of the existence of Hyperborea. It turns out, the territory of the North Pole 130 — 70 000 years ago, had a very warm, pleasant climate, similar to the modern Mediterranean climate! Moreover, the south, it was colder. So, it seems, historians will soon have to revise his theory of migration and origin of mankind.
The last argument was the discovery of a mysterious mountain range, which has, as ancient historians wrote, located Hyperborea. At the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, at a depth of 1,800 km was opened Lomonosov Ridge — a mountain range, which reaches — 3300-3700 km. Now this chain stretching from east to west, as described by ancient authors, was buried under a layer of water.
In favor of migration "north-south" speak and linguistic studies. Elizarenkova Tatiana, a Russian linguist who translated the hymns of the Rig Veda, she noticed that the ancient Sanskrit language, which is the official language of the ancient science is, to a large extent has the same roots as the Russian. Compare for example the words in Russian and Sanskrit: "Uncle" — "dada", "mother" — "matrix", "miracle" — "miracle", "lady" — "Davy", "light" — "Shweta" "snow — the snow", "grass" — "Trine". You do not seem such coincidences are not random? But such examples — endless!
It seems that soon we will have to significantly revise our history. How much more mainstream science will turn a blind eye to the numerous contradictions and finds inconsistent official version of history? If you are interested and other mysteries of mankind, be sure to familiarize yourself with books Anastasia New series of "Sensei". Here you will find a lot of information about the history, which is still withheld, or just offer scientists. In a sense, these books can be called prophetic — as accurate are some facts over time! So do not miss the chance to download the books directly on our website for free, by clicking on the quote below or by going to the appropriate section.

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