Troops ASD increase the potential — the radar Sky-M

From 2012 to receive a new unit EKO radar complex "Sky-M".
The main purpose of the RLC — tracking objects on the huge and medium altitudes.

From the official report of Colonel Vladimir Drik, who is a representative of management info, the press service of the Defense Ministry, the Defense Ministry has planned to provide armed forces dozens of RFCs "Sky-M".

"Sky-M" refers to interspecific radars huge and medium altitudes. RLC is able to analyze disk imaging on working heights of low-dimensional hypersonic aerodynamic purposes and in adverse weather conditions, transmit information to the combat units PRO — anti-aircraft missile units and medium-range actions.

October 2011 was a watershed for RFCs "Sky-M" — one hundred percent functional tests are over the station.

Russian armed forces a good way to get high quality control gallakticheskogo and air space to determine the effective range of hypersonic, ballistic and aerodynamic objects and devices at a distance of 1.8 thousand kilometers and a height of up to 1.2 thousand kilometers.

These data are officially told the press-service of the company "FNPC NNIIRT."

New development of Russian designers provided good mobility and can change as needed at least some of the available radio units of this class. As it may sound mundane, but radar system "Sky-M" has no analogues.

The company "FNPC NNIIRT" today is one of the favorites for the design and development of radar equipment and systems. The company has on its own account more than 35 different types of radar stations and complexes. The volume of all stations and complexes of this day 17,000 units, and the technique is provision of radio-defense of our homeland.
3,000 units of radar technology from a given volume delivered over the limit in armed forces some 50 countries.

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