Troops ASD may reopen missile silos in Moscow

System Missile Defense (NMD) Moscow A-135 is in the process of in-depth modernization, during which the troops of the military space defense (ASD) will be reactivated previously closed silos, told RIA Announcements on Mon Colonel General Strategic Missile Forces mission in retirement Viktor Esin.

"It takes a depth modernization System A-135: is a substitution for the rocket with the new equipment, improved design of these missiles, and all other parts contained in the system, including warning and control nodes, and in the process of modernization will be reactivated silos "- said Esin.

System Antimissile defense Moscow A-135 is designed to reflect the limited nuclear attack on the Russian capital and the central industrial region. Development of the A-135 began in 1971, and in 1995 adopted the system. At the current time with the arms lifted missile interception distant, and their silos preserved.

Esin noted that the missiles near and far to capture this moment modernized. For all this they will be based in an old mine, located in the suburbs. "The new mines under rocket will not dig, mine are located in several areas around Moscow," — explained Esin.

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