Troops of Aerospace Defense may enter into the composition of the Russian Air Force

Air Force (IAF), the Russian Federation can incorporate into your own structure Troops Aerospace Defense (ASD) if the Russian armed forces will move to a three-branch system of recruitment, told reporters at the Sun Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondar.

"We plan to make daily control station in the Main Command of the Air Force. Over time, I think that if there is a transition to a three-branch system of recruitment for the Armed Forces, then maybe we will go to ASD and will be restored central command post of the Air Force, without further unrealistic engage in the activities of air defense and control of air space, "- said Cooper.

Troops Aerospace Defence have taken up for combat duty December 1, 2011. They were formed on the basis of units and formations Gallakticheskih troops. In structure a new kind of troops entered the compound and operational strategic command Aerospace Defence, that had previously been part of the Russian Air Force.

Speaking of the head chief of the Air Staff, which is currently free, the commander said that it will be saved and recently mission will be carried out.

"He's ready for this position, and I know very well, but as they say:" Let's say "ho" when jump over "; very many personnel issues, I think that we all decide first of next year," — said the general.

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