Tuva power completely banned from visiting forest fires

Head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool announced a total ban on visiting forest areas, due to the difficult situation in the republic fire hazard, according to the regional government.

According to the Department of Forestry at the SFO, established in Tuva dry and hot weather increases the natural fires. On Thursday, in the region there were 17 fires in the area of 2.928 hectares. Increase fire severity is in Pii-Khem, Tandinskom Todzha areas and in remote areas. To extinguish fires in the region, 227 people working, including paratroopers from the Federal Reserve, 24 units of fire engines, five aircraft. The republic's government has again turned to the FFA with requests for more than a hundred people from the Federal Reserve to help stabilize the forest fire situation.

"Kara-ool tasked the head of the municipality to provide a complete ban on visiting forests, set barrage positions to act in concert with the forest protection service, emergency, police officers, spend most explanatory work among the population," — said in a statement.

The Government notes that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Throughout the republic continues to operate emergency mode. Much of Tuva assigned to 5 — 4 classes of fire danger.

Large forest fire in the area of 500 hectares appeared last week in the Barun-Khemchik forest in Bai-Taiga district. In-fighting team participated paratroopers Tuva airbase in the number of 14 persons, eight paratroopers died. Six survived, one of them was hospitalized in serious condition.

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