Types of glasses to protect the eyes

Types of glasses to protect the eyesIf your eyes are often exposed to the aggressive action of wind, dust, water, or the risk of mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical nature, goggles for you — a must. By choosing points to go with maximum responsibility, as they determine the health of your eyes.

Safety glasses are divided by type into open and closed. Equipped with a special closed cuff for a snug fit to the skin. Wear the glasses with a special wide elastic. Goggles give complete protection from external influences, which compensates for any inconvenience caused by the need to tighten the elastic tight and pretty much weight. Weight and misting — two major drawbacks of this type of points.

Typically, protective goggles are made of tough, durable plastic. It is used under a tree and machine tools, work with hand elektroinstrumentom.Ochki open tightly to the face of man partially fulfilling the function of a protective screen for the eyes. Dress with handles and are used in plumbing, turning and other works.

When the work related to the sources of bright light (welding, work with a laser), use safety glasses with filters. These glasses are used for radiation shielding computer monitor, motorists use their headlight glare from oncoming avtomobiley.Suschestvuyut special types of protective eyewear for protection against thermal and chemical exposure.

When selecting a model of safety goggles, first you need to pay attention to the reliability and usability of them. An important parameter — the clear lens, their resistance as lenses gradually become cloudy from the constant aggressive mechanical action. To increase the resistance of the lens often used a variety of special coatings to protect the glass.

Equally important is the reliability of fastening points. In case of damage during the bow, your eyes will not protect anything, you can be seriously hurt. When buying, be sure to try on glasses to ensure a safe, proper fitting in the gum, if the glasses are closed.

Feel comfortable for you, there is no pressure gum, depends on the convenience and quality of your work. Apart from the points, there are other means of eye and face protection, which may be useful in addition to read.

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