U.S. military could be exported to Asia

U.S. military could be exported to AsiaThe website of the online newspaper Denki.ru there was a message made by administration officials of U.S. President Barack Obama. It says a review of U.S. military strategy that will take into account the significant economical cuts.

Namely, it is noted that in the past eight months running the Pentagon's military strategy under review. These actions are controlled by Obama himself. They are aimed at the development of "closer to the reality of the plan," which will go on the development of the armed forces of the United States in light of the reduction will be a need to spend a large budget deficit and municipal debt.

Tommy Vetor, the official representative Snow-white houses, said that the president is a specific role in the process of reviewing the strategy. Since September 2011 he spent with the military leaders of the U.S. 6 meetings. But, according to an administration, wait structural configuration values in defense is not worth it.

One of the most significant differences from the previous strategy is the recognition by the U.S. of the fact that the current financial situation is not allowed to fund a number of ground forces, which have allowed to successfully participate in the 2-wars. Therefore, likely to be a recommendation to create a different concept.

According to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Captain John Kirby, the armed forces must be capable of carrying out and win one major war, with all this, which is holding back anger of another enemy. He also noted that they had an opportunity to analyze the actions of the armed forces and discuss plans for the coming 10-15 years. The main factor affecting the development, he called thrifty reduction.

It is also noted that in order to ensure national security of the U.S. will need to maintain and perhaps even increase its military presence in Asia. The least attention at all it will be given to Europe, Latin America and Africa. Namely, according to administration officials likely conclusion of the regular army brigade in Europe. So makarom leaving behind only two.

It is understood that the size of the U.S. Army, in what at this moment there are about 570 thousand people, can reduce by at least 10%. The Marine Corps, which has 202 thousand people, was reduced to 25 thousand.

Great is the possibility of postponing the implementation of several major weapons programs, one of which comes construction of another 1st aircraft carrier of the new standard and strategic submarines. Also reduce purchases of expensive fighter-bomber fifth-generation F-35.

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