U.S. sanctions surprised white, Beltechexport — silent

In "Beltehekspartse" declined to comment on the sanctions imposed by the U.S. against the company for its cooperation with Iran, North Korea and Syria. In another Belarusian company "white", which also came under sanctions do not predict losses from Vashygtonu solutions.

Commercial Director of the Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association Vladimir Kiskin surprised that his company got a list of individuals and firms against which the United States imposed sanctions for selling Iran, North Korea and Syria technologies associated with the production of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missile systems.

"We are with any of them do not sell and never produced a weapon of mass destruction or their components. Even anything close. We do not make such products. So I am very much surprised. Maybe it's a publicity stunt what? "

Mr. Kiskin noted that in drawing up such lists for sanctions to errors, and expressed the opinion that in the case of his company, and it happened. He, however, did not exclude the possibility that someone could re-sell their products to these countries:

"You can buy a hammer or wrench and tighten the screws on the atomic bomb, so to speak … Our wide range of products. Now the military exhibition "Milex-2011" takes place, you can go there to see, we are represented there. Take a look and see for yourself that if we do sights for small arms, even for Kalashnikov assault rifles, it has no relation to that, as they say. "

However, "white", along with other companies within two years will be deprived of the opportunity to receive U.S. government contracts, assistance from the United States will not be able to buy American weapons and patents on it, what, in fact, are the sanctions.

Kiskin"We are by and large it does not care. We deliver to America only lenses for cameras. Well, we will deliver to someone else, and someone else will deliver them to the same market. This market we will not lose. We are not dependent on them absolutely nothing, nothing we do not need from them. "

Meanwhile in other Belarusian company, which came under U.S. sanctions — "Beltechexport" that arms exports are not officially comment on Washington's decision. "No comment", — told reporters as CEO "Beltechexport" Igor Semerikov the exhibition of military equipment and weapons «Milex-2011".

The building company "Beltechexport"

Minsk military analyst Alexander Alesin says that "Beltechexport" as a mediator in the foreign market represents all companies MIC. Belarus does not produce ready-made weapons, but only their elements, components, and parts needed for maintenance and modernization of Soviet models of weapons. It is a weapon used in North Korea, Iran, Syria:

"I think so, deliver, deliver and will deliver. But that does not fall under the UN sanctions. "

U.S. sanctions may affect the Belarusian military-industrial complex, if there in the performance of any contracts used components from the United States or its allies, said Alesin:

"But I doubt that such contracts were many, if any, were. Because recipients — people beaten and grated realize that if you put the components of the American or Western European production, that may fall under the sanctions. Therefore, they will order, maybe the worst quality, but the production of countries not allied United States. "

"Beltechexport" and Belarusian defense industry does not depend on the United States, and is therefore particularly from those sanctions do not hurt, I am sure Alesin. The real damage will not be only so-called "image loss".



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