U.S. soldier shot and killed 17 Afghan civilians inhabitants

U.S. soldier shot and killed 17 Afghan civilians

Now the day soldier U.S. Army shot seventeen Afghan civilians, and four others were injured them. It came out in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar. This was stated by Haji Agha Lalayan, a member of the County Council of People's Representatives.

As reported by the bureaucrat, the disaster unfolded near the settlement Fri Zangabad placed in the Panjwai district. He also said that the wounded were taken to military infirmary ISAF (The International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan), where he is the first medical aid.

It is not clear, which is why the South American military opened fire on civilians in Afghanistan. Shooter under arrest, NATO Military Commission is conducting an investigation into the incident.

Previously, this information was confirmed by the press service ISAF and the governor of Kandahar province Turyalay weights.

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