U.S. troops leave Pakistani air base, Shamsi

U.S. troops leave Pakistani air base, "Shamsi"According to reports from the capital (Islamabad), December 4, the United States began evacuating their own personnel, which are located at the air base, "Shamsi". According to the agency "Xinhua" it is because the Pakistani authorities bezotstupno claimed by the Yankees off the said base no later than December 11.

There is information provided urduyazychnym TV channel Geo, that today in the morning arrived at the air base U.S. Air Force, sent specifically to deliver military equipment and home.

It is clear that on November 27 the Pakistani government insisted that the United States within 15 days leave the air base, which is located in the north-west of the country in the province of Baluchistan. It was noted that the United States used this facility to start flying (unmanned) vehicles, so putting pressure on the fighters, "Al-Qaeda" and "Taliban."

It should be noted that on the night of 25 to 26 November NATO attack helicopters from Afghanistan intruded on the terrain of Pakistan and fired on the checkpoint, located in the north-west of the country, in the region of Mohmand. As a result of this incident killed 24 fighters, of which two officers and injuring 14 people.
After that Barack Obama (U.S. President) referred to the situation a disaster and expressed his deepest sympathy to the people of Pakistan and the families of the victims.
Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State Secondary School), has given a promise that as soon as possible will be an investigation into the death of a fighter.

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