UAV «Dragon» entered the preset orbit

UAV «Dragon» entered the preset orbitThis morning, in the U.S. state of Florida, from Cape Canaveral launched rocket Falcon, who went to space flight to the International Space Station private cargo ship «Dragon». According to reports from the National Aerospace Agency «Dragon» entered the preset orbit, and after two days closer to the ISS.

The agency reported that the drone Dragon automatically deployed solar panels, which will provide the ship with additional energy. The agency are glad that everything is going according to plan, and hope that the planned October 10 docking with the ISS will be successful. Docking will take two astronauts ISS — Sanita Williams (USA) and Akihiko Hoshide (Japan), the astronauts use for docking arm crane. On board the spacecraft «Dragon» is 450 kg consignment of materials and equipment for the 150 scientific experiments.

Unmanned spacecraft «Dragon» in the future will be used for commercial flights to the ISS for the civilian population, but for now, know that augurs star can be found on this is where you can watch the lunar calendar for 2013 and learn from a lot of interesting things there.

Dragon ship going to return to Earth at the end of October, according to the calculations it should splash down in the Pacific Ocean, near California. The ship did not come back with empty compartments, and with the results of scientific experiments and 230 pounds of parts of plant equipment.

After a successful return «Dragon» 11 more scheduled flights to the ISS, by convention, dostignotomu SpaceX and NASA, in the amount of $ 1.5 billion. On subsequent flights Dragon will take astronauts airfare for one person, it is estimated, will amount to $ 20 million.

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