UFOs to look for clues on the ocean floor

November 19, 2011 10:44

UFOs to look for clues on the ocean floor

The Navy has declassified information about meetings submarine of unknown objects in the deep sea and the mysterious underwater bases

Former Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Chernavin told the "SP" that the Soviet Navy had accumulated a large number of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), pop out of the water and sinking into the depths of that special group was established collection and analysis of such facts. It once a week preparing a report on the subject of the Navy Commander. It was headed by deputy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov. Recently, these materials are declassified.

Describing the naval UFO information, the former deputy section chief of exploration Oceanographic Commission of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Captain First Rank Vladimir Azhazha did this alignment:

— 50 percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. 15 percent — with lakes. So UFOs tend explicitly to the water element. Therefore naval collection of data on UFOs is of special value.

There are statistics water UFO: first place for the meeting with the sailors is Atlantic — 44 percent of cases observed in the Pacific — 16 percent, 10 percent — in the Mediterranean, all the rest have 30 percent.

There is evidence that one of the Pacific Fleet submarines while on combat patrol, means sonar found next to a six unknown objects that defy classification. Maneuvering off the uninvited escort failed. The commander of the submarine was forced to command the ascent, grossly violated the rules of combat patrols. With all six boats afloat UFO crash carried out of the water and disappeared.

The former commander of a nuclear submarine, Rear Admiral Yury Beketov repeatedly participated in combat service in the Bermuda Triangle and repeatedly reported to Admiral Smirnov of unusual phenomena. Today, he says:

— Went closer to the U.S. and moved to Bermuda. Unfolded. Went the opposite tack. Experienced many unusual phenomena: the instrument gave unmotivated failure, then a powerful noise. Some unexplained phenomena, apparently created artificially. We have repeatedly observed that the instruments record the movement of material objects with unimaginable speed. We measured some speed — is about 230 knots (400 kilometers per hour). This speed and on the surface it is difficult to establish, but in the air. But the powerful resistance of the water. If these objects are not the laws of physics. One conclusion: the creatures created by such material objects significantly exceed us in development. There are even in the depths of the ocean along with us, there is another ancient civilization. Or is it the aliens of other worlds, hiding from human eyes in deep water.

By the way, in the Bermuda Triangle is the deepest depression the Atlantic — Puerto Rican. Its depth is 8742 meters. Perhaps there are hidden UFO bases, rather, NGOs — unidentified underwater objects.

Veteran Intelligence Navy Captain First Rank Igor Barclay says:

— Ocean UFOs often appear in areas of concentration of our forces or the NATO fleet. This is the Bahamas and Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the U.S. East Coast waters. It was there, according to some experts, are underwater UFO base. Very often they see a UFO in the deepwater area of the Atlantic — in the south of the Bermuda Triangle and the Caribbean. And they behave not as guests.

Very impressive data on UFO sightings in the lake. At kilometer depths of the lake sailors repeatedly observed glow reminiscent of the spotlight like the sparkle and flash welding, as well as departures from the water obscure objects as bright shining silver discs and cylinders.

In the summer of 1982 divers diving military service during the training dives into the water of Lake Baikal several times almost experienced divers in tight silver suits their body, in all similar to humans, only about three meters of growth. Moreover, at a depth of 50 meters, they had no diving equipment, or any other devices, but their heads are concealed spherical helmets. An attempt to catch the unidentified divers ended tragically. Of the group of divers in seven people who tried to do it with the grid, four became disabled, and three died.

According to the navy, UFOs come in different forms: saucers, cigars, cylinders.

— There is evidence from the Pacific Fleet sailors — continues Vladimir Azhazha — how in the remote waters of the Pacific Ocean, they observed "hanging" in the sky cylinders, of which flew smaller saucer UFO, immersed in water, and then again returned to the main cylinder and he flew off somewhere. According to our Earthling, this cylinder can be identified with the uterus. About underwater bases can say one thing: why not? Nothing can throw. It is easiest to take a skeptical stance: neither believe in nothing and do nothing. People rarely sink to great depths. It is therefore very important to analyze that with which they're found.

Comment Chairwoman research organization "Underwater Search" Captain First Rank Vladimir Prikhodko:

— The data of our sailors are supported by many foreign certificates. For example, the U.S. military press reported the Unexplained contact off the coast of Puerto Rico. USN spent teaching here, the purpose of which was the discovery of the submarine breaks through the "enemy." The exercise involved the aircraft carrier, five escort ships, submarines and aircraft. All submarines involved in teaching, maneuvered in the "silent stroke". "All of a sudden there was something exceptional — said Professor Sanderson, who made a report based on the analysis of documents, U.S. Navy. — Technician hydrophone at one of escorts sent to the bridge that is one of the submarine broke the system and, obviously, was to pursue what- the unknown target. "

Acoustics report put officers in a deadlock. The fact that the unidentified object, measuring device, went under the water at a speed of 150 knots! That is — 280 km / h! This can not be, because the modern submarine submerged can reach speeds above 45 knots. Watch officer immediately reported it to the captain, who, in turn, immediately contacted a command ship. Imagine his surprise when he learned that, just interrupting each other, all the other ships to report to the same carrier. "At least, — says Professor Sanderson — 13 logbooks submarines and aircraft logbook were records that have marked their gidroakkustiki" ultrabystrohodny submarine. " The relevant reports of all this were immediately sent Commander Atlantic Fleet, U.S. Navy.

Four days object maneuvered within a large area, and four days the ships and aircraft of the U.S. Navy took its signals are watching him. (Or, on the contrary, he watched them!) H and that's not all. According to the reports gidroakkustikov, this object is immersed to a depth of 20,000 feet in a matter of minutes. In other words, he maneuvered in the vertical and horizontal planes, as it can not do any modern underwater vessel built by man. Not to mention the fact that the ultimate immersion in modern submarine does not exceed 6,000 feet. Even the bathyscaphe "Trieste", built for the ultra-deepwater dives, where the famous oceanographer Jacques Piccard in 1960, made a record dive to the Mariana Trench at a depth of about 35.800 feet, so as not to be destroyed, at a cost of 4.5 hours immersion. And this almost unknown object maneuvered from the surface to a depth of 20,000 feet in a matter of minutes! "In other words — says Sanderson — the mysterious object must literally belong to another world."

Witnessed another unusual case was a famous Arctic explorer Dr. Rubens Dzh.Villela and watch officer and helmsman icebreaker was taking part in naval maneuvers code-named "Deep Freeze" in the North Atlantic. The case was in the evening. Dr. Villela was on deck when suddenly saw "something came out of the water, breaking a three-meter thick ice, and a huge silver bullet disappeared in the sky." Huge blocks of ice, up in the air for a few tens of meters from the cannon thunder struck back on hummocks, and the water in the hole to form a vast seething. She rose from the clouds of steam that seems to point to the huge energy potential of the process that has just happened.

In the 70 years the American Navy conducted tests of the long-range underwater communications. In the Atlantic, the ship that took the emitted signals from the coast. And then they started taking the signals similar to the mail, but modified. The analysis has shown that this is not an echo, not a repetition of the original signal. Located the source. He was at a depth of 8 kilometers. According to American scientists, it looked like someone took a signal, modify it, and then transmitted on the same frequency as if to draw attention to himself.

In years to decipher the signal failed. Recently, an attempt was repeated with the help of powerful computers Pentagon. The results are not reported. But Americans have increased markedly after research on the seabed in the area from which a "reflection" of the signals.

In the early 90's of the last century during the test bed in the Bermuda Triangle, the center at a depth of 600 meters were discovered two gigantic pyramids, exceeding the size of Egypt. This was back in 1991, told a news conference the expedition leader, oceanographer Dr. Kvedvar Mendlik. In his view, the pyramids were built only 50 years ago. The technology is not clear. The material is like a very thick glass.

In 1997, in the valley Belingsgauzena priantarkticheskoy area surveyed avtraliyskie sailors. At a depth of 6 km bathyscaphe camera captured oval education, radiating intense inner light. The film explored the scientists of the Royal Institute of Oceanology. The conclusion was clear: these buildings can only be man-made.

These facts are led to a conclusion that the depths of the ocean as well unexplored and mysterious as the cosmos. Only humanity somehow with great interest rushes up than down. Maybe it's a big mistake.

Sergei Turchenko, Vasilisa Voinova


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