Ukrainian elite did not take the law On Languages in Ukraine

Company on 18 October and throughout Ukraine have been protests against the destruction of the Ukrainian language. This is what, in the opinion of the protesters could lead the adoption of the draft law "On Languages in Ukraine." In Kiev, the action took place under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, and in regions — about the regional administrations. In Donetsk, as in other traditional Russian cities to protest against further Russification. guest night broadcast of Freedom — the employee of the Kiev office of Radio Liberty Irina Shtogryn. She talks about the changes to the language situation in Ukraine and the protests against the national elite law "On Languages in Ukraine."

Ablameyko: What is the general now the language situation in Ukraine? Which in this area has changed during the reign of Yanukovych?

Shtogryn: Representatives of the "Party of Regions", which we are invited into the air that used to easily communicate in the official Ukrainian language on the air, somehow flatly refused to do so after Yanukovych became president. That situation was reflected in television. For example, the TV channel "Inter" has changed its language in such a way that if a person from another country to come to Ukraine and to include TV channel "Inter", by the tone of voice, the sound of the language, as supplied by the information, he may think that included a TV channel ORT . The Russian language is, in fact was the main one of the main channels — "Inter". The situation has changed in the advertising business. Previously, all outdoor advertising, which in Ukraine is extremely a lot, was in Ukrainian. Now even in the Ukrainian capital of advertising appearing in Russian, as it sounds and radio broadcast of the language and the language of the leading ad units themselves.

AblameykoIrina, and how one reacts to these changes in the national elite of Ukraine? We hear sometimes some statements that people are afraid of transforming Ukraine into a second Belarus?

Shtogryn: Today, one of the masterminds of the law on languages Regionals Kalesnichenka said that the bill before the election will not be considered, it will not show. Although his argument was such that we should not give trumps the opposition, which spekulyue on this bill, I see this as a step back, that the ruling party has to respond to the fact that the elite, in fact did not take it. There was also an open letter to the president of the Ukrainian intelligentsia. Signatures collected, there were very many, and among those people, Signatories to the letter, there were people known throughout the country and beyond.

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