Ukrainians are afraid of the Belarusian language script

Today in Ukraine scheduled protest against the destruction of the Ukrainian language. This is what, in the opinion of the protesters could lead the adoption of the draft law "On Languages in Ukraine." In Kiev will take action under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, and in regions — about the regional administrations. In Donetsk, as in other traditional Russian cities to protest against further Russification.

"Bite your tongue!" — With this slogan indifferent to the state of the Ukrainian language are planning to appeal to the authorities in Donetsk. Their participation in the meeting confirmed about a hundred people, including students, community leaders, and active seniors.

"The action is designed to stop the policy lingvotsita in Ukraine. The fact is that what we see is a historical product of the struggle of the Ukrainian language in the last three hundred years — from the Ems decree and Valuev Circular. And Ukrainians in Donetsk said "enough" to all this, and the 18th we go to the state administration and its going to picket, "- said one of the organizers of the rally, a member of the Brotherhood of the Holy Righteous Peter Kalnyshevskogo Denis Tkachenko.

The threat of Belarusian scenario

Danechchane plan to show a small theatrical performances, which will illustrate the danger that entails the adoption of the draft law "On Languages".

"There is a threat of the Belarusian scenario. In Belarus in 1995, the Russian language was introduced as a second state. As a result, 2009in the Belarusian language uses 1% of the population. The same threat is this project for Ukraine. Opponents always say here in Canada two languages, even in Italy four languages. There's quite different historical background and the situation, and they can not be compared with Ukraine. And we especially resent the fact that power, which promised to improve the lives of today, but instead engaged in humanitarian issues, and very clumsy, "- says one of the organizers of the meeting, board member of the Donetsk organization NGO" Democratic Alliance " Alain Matviychuk.

The draft law "On Languages in Ukraine" legally enters the Ukrainian-Russian bilingualism, which, according to the authors of the document, deputies from the Party of Regions, the Lytvyn Bloc and the Communist Party, formed in Ukraine historically.

In Donetsk, for 15 years, each new local authorities are trying to enter Russian language both regional and unsuccessfully — each time the courts overturned those decisions.

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