Unexpected source of energy for new lamps — Gravity



Kerosene lamps are still used in remote rural areas. But they are a serious problem, as harmful to human health and the environment. In one of the start-ups are encouraged to use other, non-polluting resource available to all in abundance — gravity.

GravityLight — invention, corresponding to its name: it is supported by the energy of light gravity. In the process of falling load attached (about 9 kg) pulls the cord passes through the device and starts the generator, which converts the incident energy into light energy cost.

(It looks like the principle of hand generator, but only vertical). Loads set a couple of seconds, and to the extent that it slowly reaches the earth, the energy generated is sufficient to maintain the light for 30 minutes. If the goods are reset every half hour, we get eco-friendly, continuous flow of light without batteries. This process is applicable in other similar cases, such as for battery chargers.

The inventors say that at the moment the price of gadgets is less than $ 10., An investment that pays off in three months after the rejection of kerosene. And when the conversation turned to the investment, the team has launched a campaign of collective funding IndieGoGo, which means that we have the hope of seeing the embodiment of their ideas in the near future.

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