Union Council of Ministers lasted for half an hour

Union Council of Ministers Meeting of the Society, which was adopted on 32 issues, ran a record time — half an hour. Both Prime Ministers noted that Belarus and Russia are gradually overcoming the effects of the global crisis. In January-August, bilateral trade increased by 20% and amounted to 500 billion rubles. Belarusian exports to Russia increased by 50%. Sergei Sidorsky stated that "Belarus to constructive work." Today's statement Vladimir Putin have an educational tone:

"It is important that these positive processes developed regardless of the current situation. It can be different, as we understand it. And I am deeply convinced that the problems, disputes, misunderstandings that arise between close neighbors, but as happens in the family, they are inevitable. But the vital interests and aspirations of our fraternal peoples is more important. Sincerely tuned in Belarus and in Russia on the fruitful cooperation and close dialogue. "

Why was it so short a union meeting, and that means the statement of Vladimir Putin? Moscow political analyst Kirill Koktysh said:

"It's obviously some kind of demonstration that there are problems in Russia with a specific person, but these problems are not present in Russia since

It's clearly some kind of demonstration that there are problems in Russia with a specific person, but this is no problem between Russia and Belarus.

Belarus. Second, all the patients questions that are actually needed in Russia, have been removed "before." The last was a gas mini-scandal in the summer. So the question that troubled Russia — such issues in Russia. This means that for half an hour and forty-one can solve problems, and more. "

According to the analyst Alexis King, is a continuation of ideas that were raised at the briefing head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Naryshkin. Mr. Naryshkin found it possible resumption of bilateral relations, but in the event that Lukashenko "realize the harmfulness of steps to discredit relations" with Moscow.

"The proven original non-aggression pact. Judging by the words of Putin, then reached the concessions from Alexander G.,

Tested original non-aggression pact.

are achieved. What kind of concessions, we learn in the process of events and the results of the election. "

According to the analyst Vyacheslav Pozniak, Russia does not go halfway on energy issues that are most concerned about the official Minsk.

"The fact that such a meeting took place at a time when it seemed that the conflict was growing in all directions — it is a sign that the two sides

Both sides are keen to escalation of the conflict, at least, has been suspended.

interested to escalation of the conflict, at least, has been suspended. The Kremlin hopes that need to await the outcome of the presidential election. And then you can deal with issues of bilateral relations. "

Now Belarus and Russia are negotiating the formation of the balance of oil supply in 2011. Belarus proposed to increase the amount of duty-free oil supplies from 6.3 to 6.7 million tons next year. The Russian side believes that the Belarus proposal require further study. Today, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Sergei Shatalov announced the possibility to consider the abolition of the export duty on oil for Belarus after 2012, but subject to countervailing measures. Like, otherwise receives subsidies of the Belarusian economy by Russia. Also, the Minister of Energy of Russia Sergei Shmatko told reporters in Kiev, Ukraine should coordinate with the technological aspects of the Russian oil pipeline "Odessa-Brody" in aversnym mode and oil pipeline "Druzhba" in the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus.

After the union meeting was held meeting of prime ministers of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. They discussed issues of common economic space that would be created by 2012. While only three of the agreed 20 of the necessary arrangements. Sergei Sidorsky, the Belarusian leader has set the task to the end of the year to sign a nearly all agreements. And the Belarusian delegation is set to "compromise."

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