Unsolved mystery of Filipino healers

For decades, scientists, researchers, paranormal phenomena, doctors and journalists and then heated argument about the phenomenon of Filipino healers. Some believe that the surgery without a scalpel and anesthesia and anesthesia pure swindle, and healers — it's just a clever con artists with the makings of magicians, others see this phenomenon really exists a phenomenon which, in their opinion, deserves study and attention of scientists.

About people perform surgery with his bare hands without the use of tools, anesthesia and anesthesia, the world began to speak in 50-ies of XX century. These unusual transactions were in the daylight, and everybody could watch all the actions of non-traditional surgeons. Researchers of anomalous phenomena called this phenomenon psychosurgery, and the light of medicine — a blatant and dangerous to human life quackery …

Particularly famous in the field of psychosurgery Philippine healers. These healers existed in the Philippines for a long time, they did not advertise their activities to carry out their unique operations and does not need to assess their abilities on the part of enlightened scholars. However, when the Philippines frequent journalists, doctors and researchers of anomalous phenomena, healers do not have to hide from them his healing practice and willingly showed practically bloodless operations conducted with bare hands.

Thus the first Western explorer who came to the Philippines to explore the local psychosurgery, became a writer and biologist Lyall Watson. For his three visits to the island of Luzon, where the main and extended this practice, he has seen more than a thousand operations conducted 22 different healers. Despite his initial skepticism, the researcher came to the conclusion that the phenomenon is real and needs to be studied. Watson spent his study of the phenomenon of the healers, whose findings published in the book "Romeo Error".

The same book was given and the description of one of the unique operations. The patient, a middle-aged woman, complained of constant aching pain in the abdomen. Right in the clothes it was put on the table. Exposed belly and skirt covered with a towel. It was not fresh, but there are no hidden items skeptical Watson underneath discovered. Soon, the room became a healer, wearing cotton pants and a shirt with short sleeves. He demonstrated Watson, that does not hide anything in the folds of clothing. Lyall himself filled a basin with water and with the wool, which collated and gave it all healers.

Filipino soaked cotton wool in water and rubbed his stomach patients in the proposed transaction. Watson writes: "He starts to do something to the right of her navel, when there is something red, perhaps, blood. First it liquid, mixed with moisture from the skin, but it gradually darkens and begins to spurt between his fingers .. . I now see something similar to the connective tissue, the thin, almost transparent, seemingly elastic, red, covered with blood. "

Struck Watson saw the healer hands deeper into the patient's body, and between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand began to grow a blood-red ball. When he reached the size of a tennis ball, the assistant healer tweezers picked this tumor, and cutting it, threw a lump of flesh in Watson's hand … Researcher wrote: "It was warm, and when I put pressure on him, it seemed quite a bit of blood. It seems solid to the touch."

When you have finished, healer washed the blood from the patient's abdomen and her body did not have any signs of surgery — no injuries, no scar, no scratches. "I ran a hand through her skin — says Lyall. — It is hot, but it is nothing, no trace." The patient slowly got up and walked out of the room.

Perhaps the peak of greatest interest to the Filipino healers came in the 70's of last century. In the Philippines, visited numerous research groups from different countries, journalists and kinogruppy. From March 1973 to April 1975 healers studied the whole scientific expedition, consisting of scientists from different countries, it consisted of volunteers even patients who agree to conduct transactions. To what conclusion came as competent and not limited in time mission?

Scientists have found that "the actual existence and the daily practice of some types of psycho-energetic phenomena is beyond question." However, the report of the expedition and in numerous interviews, scientists have noted that along with these healers are exposed and a few charlatans who, through sleight of hand and simple device only simulated operation.

During these 70 years of GDR film group shot in the Philippines very interesting film in which healers demonstrated its unique capabilities. For example, in the film, a man holding in his outstretched hands stretched tape adhesive tape to him comes a healer and holds the belt at a distance of 3-5 cm edge palm patch begins to unravel, as if it is cut with a razor …

On the other frames two Germans simply can not break the band of six rows of adhesive tape, they fit elderly Filipino leans sticks out his tongue and they "cut" the six layers …

German managed kinogruppe and film from the beginning to the end of a unique operation to remove the uterus fibriomy. The operation involved two Filipino-healer and a female assistant. One of the healers created around the patient's powerful field, which replaced an antiseptic and anesthetic. The other went right to surgery. He lowered his hands on the patient's body bared, a moment later, they began to vibrate, without encountering obstacles, in the second phalanx plunged into the flesh. Pushing the edge of "cut," the healer found a tumor, removed it and got it. The assistant took the tissues are removed and thrown into the basin. Hilaire, who led the operation, brought his hands together and quickly took them out of the body. After the assistant with a cotton swab, remove any remaining blood stain on the body, it became perfectly clear that the skin is not damaged.

In observations of the operations of the healers, most scientists were shocked by the fact that they were carried out without proper antiseptic. In response to the criticisms of Western specialists renowned healer Virgilio Gutierrez said: "When I was doing therapy, I and all of my environment is influenced by the Spirit (energy). Since this energy is clean, then all of it comes through, can not have an infection. When treating all automatically sterilized. Vibration Healer is so high that the infection is not possible. "

But skeptics believe that the infection can not be entirely different reason. They believe that all who believe in the phenomenon of the healers, just got scammed. By the competent whistleblowers actually healers do not conduct any operations (so's the antiseptic them do not care!), And simply imitate them with the skill of these magicians, deceiving, and their patients, and those witnesses who watch such "healing." Relief that after the "operation" have all of the patients, the skeptics explain the psychological factor: patients believe in a miracle, and sometimes self-hypnosis really can work wonders.

What, then, according to the skeptics, the technology is so spectacular deception? They believe that the healers are hiding in his body (in the body) small containers (such as fish bladder) with the blood and organs of animals. When they jam fingers on the patient's body, the blood and gives the impression of opening the skin, then abruptly lzhetselitel pulls his hands and shows the viewers stunned bloody piece of flesh, let the chicken liver. Blood from the patient's body wipes and of course, with such a deception no one is on the skin, except for redness, no trace of the operation …

To be sure, many lzhehilerov conducting such "operations", in fact, was exposed and scientists, journalists and meticulous. A series of such "embarrassment" revelatory articles in newspapers and journals did their work: an interest in the phenomenon of the healers began to disappear as quickly as it appeared.

But leave it at that would be unfair to the truth. Psihohirugii phenomenon actually exists, it is enough to recall the famous Brazilian "surgeon" Jose Pedro de Freitas, better known under the pseudonym of Arik. He has performed thousands of successful operations in a trance state with the most primitive tools, which turned in his hand. In this case, no preservatives, but postoperative complications in his patients was observed.

According to some scholars, there are real healers. Some researchers believe that they live only on the island of Luzon, in the Earth's special power, which helps to hold this unique operation. The fact that the island is actually a kind of anomalous zone, said the fact that the navigation instruments naval vessels in its waters almost always begin to fail in his testimony.

Scientists suggest that during their unique operations are healers into a deep trance, allowing them to focus special energy at your fingertips and make his hand a kind of energy scalpel.

At the time, Professor VN Pushkin, known for his studies of phenomenal abilities, suggested that the healers during surgery through an alleged "cut" saturate the skin of the patient charges of one sign. Because of its unipolar these charges repel each other, as if spreading the cells and molecules. Skin and tissues are at the time legkopronitsaemymi finger healer, emitting energy in the same sign. Since the nerve fibers is not damaged, but only shifted, no pain patient does not feel. After the operation bio field effect, pushing the cells and molecules, and stops immediately restore natural energy ties, the wound edges are closed without a trace of surgery. Floor energy healer sterilizes his hands, and the area of surgery.

Famous Filipino healers usually life practice in the place where they live, and from year to year, each day they are huge queues. If they were charlatans, the local population would have long deal with them. So, healers can actually treat! Maybe, many scientists still hurried to put on a bold cross this phenomenon?

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