Video about what will happen after the end of the world, the Internet exploded


Roller NASA received mixed reactions among web users. Apocalypse December 21, 2012, the probability of which all are actively discussing lately, do not come. At the very least, do not doubt specialists NASA.


Scientists research agency tried to convey that message to the people and even took on the doomsday movie, which is posted on its official channel on YouTube. Video that caused a sensation on the web, called "Why yesterday was the end of the world." Thus the author of the video would hint that the day after the Dec. 21 still occur.

Video has caused mixed reactions among users. Some have suggested that NASA employees are afraid of the end of the world, so the video is not posted on December 22, and a further 11 th.

"In the announcement to the clip explains everything: in NASA are so sure that the end of the world would not be what they have already released a video of the future of the day" — leads NBC News to Tony Phillips, a writer and editor of a scientific section on the website NASA. Later, Phillips added that the idea of the video belongs to him. "It seemed to me that this is a simpler and more creative approach to solving problems. Some people, but not all, have been misled," — he said.

And yet, despite the fact that the makers of the movie wanted to explain to people that the end of the world will not, judging by the comments on YouTube, their initiative, they caused even more excitement. However, experts are ready to answer your questions. Because of the flurry of letters, e-mails coming to the organization, it was decided to create a section of frequently asked questions on the official site.

In the meantime, if you believe the predictions of the Maya, the end of the world is only one week. In apocalypse believe, not all, but there are those who are looking for a way to escape. A few days ago the British newspapers were full of notes that phones in hotels, standing at the foot of the mountain in eastern Serbia Rtan just burst of requests for bookings for December 21. The fact is that the proponents of the apocalyptic scenario considered Rtan the very place where you can escape from the end of the world.

The manager of one of the hotels located in the pyramidal mountain Rtan, in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph said that in the last days they received about 500 calls. "People come to us with their families," — says Obrad Blekich.

Well-known British science fiction Arthur C. Clarke decades ago called Mount Rtan "the navel of the Earth." However, as it has long compose different legends. There are even records, according to which the Roman legions after the military campaigns came specifically to Rtani because there faster heal their wounds.






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