Video fact. Sandstorm in Arizona accident victims and

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According to the state of Arizona in the United States swept the sandstorm, which provoked a serious traffic accident. There are victims.

One person was killed and many injured in a serious car accident in Arizona, which got 16 cars of all sizes: vans, trucks, cars.

Dust (sand) storm — meteor as the transfer of large amounts of dust (particles of soil, sand) wind from the earth's surface in a layer several meters high with a marked deterioration in horizontal visibility (usually at 2 m is from 1 to 9 km, but some cases may be reduced to a few hundred or even several tens of meters).

In this case, there is the rise of dust (sand) in the air and at the same time dust deposition over a large area. Depending on the color of the soil in this region, distant objects become grayish, yellowish or reddish. Usually occurs in dry soil and wind speed of 10 m / s or more.

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