Virgin on Lenin Street

In Grodno today opened a bronze statue of the Virgin. Together with a small pedestal of its height — four meters. It is a place where street. Lenin is connected to the street. Eliza Ozheshko. Author — grodnenets Vladimir Panteleev, a professional sculptor. Monument consecrated Bishop of Grodno and Volkovyssky Artemy.

The sculpture stands with his back to the Orthodox cathedral, and looks at the University of Yanka Kupala. The bishop said: "It is remarkable that on the day of the Protection of the Mother of God has chosen our company also separately holiday" Mother's Day ", and added:" I think — God forbid that has become a tradition in the future and the young would come here, put flowers and asked the Virgin blessing for the future marriage. "Someone close said — it's really better than to lay flowers at the statue of Lenin.

The monument was raised to the 110th anniversary of the diocese of Grodno. Sculptor helped architect Boris Shmyga, and funded the project director of "Construction" Paul Buzuk. Chairman of the Executive Committee Boris Kozelkov told what to do "one more step in the church-state relations," and that the statue "will be a new architectural and cultural attractions" Grodno. He called the work a masterpiece.

The ceremony is over, and only sounded whiteRussian language — Sunday school pupil Svyatapakrovskim Cathedral Alexandrina read their own poems and handed it to the bishop.

Bishop of Grodno and Volkovyssky Artemy hallowed monument

Icon of the Mother of God at first it was told around the cathedral

At the opening of the church choir sang

Sculptor Vladimir Panteleev

The spectators on the balcony of a house in the old quarter, the Diocese transferred

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