Vitebsk addition to Lukashenka's picket

The local society came to the picket where gather signatures in support of Alexander Lukashenko, with home-made posters. On it — photo-known personality and meaningful inscription "We have to? El »

Sense written a well-dressed middle-aged man did not explain: let understand who he wants. Passers-by reacted violently: laughing approached the table where signatures gatherers settled down, and asked not to expel them from work. After all, the gentleman with the poster look like a party rally.

Piketovets offered to star along with members of the "Lukashenka" picket.

A man and a guy who collected signatures for nomination Lukashenko, tired to explain that they had nothing to do with it. And finally moved to his table a few feet to the side. But the man with a placard again approached them. This was repeated several times.

Especially curious stayed and waited, not cause picketers police. But they said what to do This will not, as the man with the poster does not interfere with them. Police cars repeatedly passed on Lenin Street, along which are located in Vitebsk pickets, but never stopped.

Finally, the protesters were gone, having completed his tour of duty. Man with a placard stood there for a while, answering questions, why he does. Not give his name, the man said he was an entrepreneur, but his company three times destroyed taxes. Now he is unemployed.

Tomorrow unknown party campaign promised to come again — and maybe with a new poster.


Elections 2010

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