Vladimir bearded: Witnesses murder Zakharenka killed

Society of Former Special Forces Brigade Commander Interior Ministry of Belarus, prominent opposition leader Vladimir bearded man asked for political asylum in Germany. Today, he gave an interview to Radio Liberty.

— What is the situation with your request for political asylum?

— The procedure is quite complicated. Go check the documents for all the lines and structures. Usually, it takes 3 months. But here the situation is such that you can always make a stop, suspend the case — in case the situation changes — and go home. This is not an end in itself — to take and save your own skin. The goal — is to find ways — efficient, normal, good — Allied fellowsoldier — and finish this thing.

— You asked for asylum in Germany, because you think that after returning to Belarus you would be arrested?

— Arrested or something else — in any case, I would have been unable to resist, actively fight the regime. My apartment was opened, it was carried out unauthorized intrusion and the remaining are certain things out there. The boys found it. In principle, we guess that could happen any provocation.

— What exactly are you planted?

— If I tell you that I planted, it will look at my people, you know? They will say: 'Where it is served, dear comrades? "You what? They took themselves and afterwards.

— In an interview, you said that you are soon going to declassify the name of the witness who was killed the violent death of Yuri Zakharenko. Who is this man and if you make that statement?

— He just got into that situation, when asked a question about the extra troupe. And, in fact, he was killed. Why not name names — because there are still people who may suffer with this man. If I'm sure more people will not fail, then, of course, it will be announced — and the name of that person, and the connection to the events that occurred during the investigation of the case of Yuri Nikolayevich Zakharenka.

— Some potential applicants claim that the current presidential election is not democratic, and the only way to change of power — the people on the output size. Do you agree with that?

— Indignation of the people is growing, but the guys claimed that the perturbed weight not run, do not control the process. How they will lead the people to the area — 19, 20 or 21 th? They prepare this area or not? Are they on the internet it is prepared if any of the people — the factories, the factories? No, this is not! And people will not.

Take people to the area — we need to provide them with tea, rolls. That they were an hour or two or three, some warm clothes are needed. The struggle for power — it's the same as the organization of the fight: not brought ammunition, gave people a stick — so what of these people will be against guns? Well with sticks against machine guns, these guys want to win in the Square.

— What To Expect When do people still go out to the Square?

— One or two elementary provocations made! Throws a grenade towards the police officers standing in a cordon and into the crowd. That's it! The leader who took responsibility for themselves — put him in prison, and all. But if they made the move … took turns — the first, second, third — and went and reklyamavali this movement, for example — "For the right choice." We were deprived of the right to choose, and they are using it right, they want to win — it's ridiculous! In order to run the country, it is necessary to take power. But not by a bluff! Therefore, nothing will. So, 2-3 thousand — are outraged, active — will be released, will support. That's all.

— Should I be serious about what you say that you agree to help Germany, going to Afghanistan?

— Replace one soldier with the German family there for 1-2 years — a sign of gratitude to the German people — so far. But it is in a situation where I will not need at home. Today, I am sitting "on a suitcase", ready at any moment to go home to deal with the regime, a serious struggle.


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