Vladimir, I'll go, I was already waiting for Lukashenko

October 18 during a visit to Ukraine of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed an agreement on the transportation of Venezuelan oil through Ukraine. Ukrainian president and his guest said that the agreement is not contrary to the interests of Russia.

During his presidency, Chavez visited Belarus five times, nine times — Russia, Ukraine, he for the first time. From Kiev, he will travel to Tehran.

At a joint news conference with Ukrainian President Chavez Viktor Yanukovych said of the agreements reached in Kiev on the transportation of Venezuelan oil to Belarus through Ukraine following:

"I've never heard of Russia prevented These questions addressed. We believe that the solution of this issue for Belarus is not contrary to the interests of Russia. "

Yanukovych said, that today such transportation takes place in tanks, but soon the oil will be transported by pipeline.

In November, Ukraine plans to do a test run 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil through the pipeline "Odessa — Brody" in the Oil Refinery.

Venezuelan President said at a press conference in Kiev, that if an agreement with Belarus and possible agreements with Ukraine were a threat to anyone, that such initiatives would be taken.

Chavez said that during his visit to Russia last week, "dinner with the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin", with which it is associated, "for many years of friendship." "Not like with Viktor Yanukovych, we have been friends for 10 years with Putin. We had dinner and talked in Moscow, it was very cold, it was midnight, and I told him:" Vladimir, I'll go, I was already waiting for Lukashenko, "- said Chavez.

According to Russian Prime Minister asked, "Lukashenko convey warm greetings."

U.Chaves also said that he had four-hour conversation with Putin and did not feel any concern on the issue of transportation of Venezuelan oil. Venezuelan President added that during his visit to Moscow, he met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and talked with him for seven hours.

During his visit to Minsk, where Chavez flew to Kiev, the Venezuelan leader said that instead of the current four million tons of oil a year, Caracas next year in Belarus will send 10 million tons of fuel.

Hugo Chavez said that "Venesuela has the largest reserves of oil, and enough oil to Belarusian refineries for another 200 years."

Chavez and Yanukovych said that Russia has no objection to the transit of Venezuelan oil through Ukraine. However, Lukashenko during a press conference for Russian journalists on September 30 said that Russia opposes the rotation of the pipeline "Odessa — Brody" in the obverse, which would make it possible to deliver Venezuelan oil to Belarus through the pipe.

The problem and Russian opposition to this project has indirectly confirmed the other day and the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Boiko, which stated that the issue of rotation can be solved:

"We have the right to choose routes, cost-effective our country and its contractors, as well as the Russian partners. Therefore, any questions regarding energy supply and which are of great importance for the economy and politics of other countries, we are solving by compromise, but in the first place put their national interests. "

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