Vladimir Pravalski: Stealing brother — this is a provocation against me

Presidential candidate Vladimir Pravalski believes his brother George Pravalski, which held almost daily in the police, kidnapped in order to hinder the work of the initiative group.

Yuri Pravalski, a brother and a member of the initiative group of presidential candidate Vladimir Pravalski, arrested last night without informing the relatives reasons. Today, about 14 minutes, he was released, also not saying that the reason for the arrest was for.

According to Vladimir Pravalski, his brother did not make any protocols and did not say that he broke something. Last night to him on the street a police car pulled up, and four employees without showing their documents Yu.Pravalskaga forcibly taken to the First Department of Internal Affairs.

Presidential candidate written complaint to the Chief Pershamaiski police department, which, he believes, deliberately misled the relatives of the detainee. Relatives said that Yuri Pravalski is in temporary detention, but this information has not been confirmed — the attendant said they had no such. Today in the Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Pravalski saw his brother somewhere withdrawn, the detainee had time to shout, "I want to get a shot."

Vladimir Pravalski believes that the arrest of his brother — a desire to prevent it from campaign. Indeed, instead of being engaged in collecting signatures, four relatives — members of the initiative group of candidates — have been searching for Yuri Pravalski.

Mr. Pravalski says that tomorrow will write a statement to the Prosecutor General of the abduction of his brother — detention without cause almost daily, but still hiding information about the location of a person qualifies it that way. Actions of the police, in his opinion — this is a deliberate attempt to create obstacles to a person who comes to the presidency.

The potential candidate says he does not rule out other provocations and attempts to avoid them. For example, only uses public transport rather than private cars — that there was no reason to stop the car for a traffic violation and arrest him.



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