Vladimir Sivchikov — about the best books of the epistolary heritage


Alla Semenova. Light puzzle. Impressions and display.

Minsk, "Radiola", 1995


The gathering of spiritual forces, the world of phenomena for which the nature of the world, an inexhaustible source of spiritual life — it is all about in a kind of artistic meditation "Lilac ashes" with the subtitle "epistolary, ghostly memory" written on the basis of years of correspondence author with writer Michael naytalenavitseyshym Sagittarius. The correspondence of the two creators — it's art of reasoning about how a person exists in the winds of everyday life, ekzystentsyyu about human relationships, about the eternal loneliness of the artist, the desire of goodness and beauty of the hope that does not go away, and the fate of the country — Belarus.

Ryhor Baradulin. Letters to Helsinki.

Minsk, "Logos", 2000


With native Usha and Minsk, the Capital of the poet writing in Helsinki — in the north forced the south tall friend. On the cover of the book of poetic letters of the poet could stand and the recipient's name — Vasily Bykov. No wonder she begins a kind of epigraph:

Will sometimes idols smashed,
World intelligent tire of shouting.
Cornflower in the Rye Belarushchyny
Bulls will remain forever!

In addition, significant artistic contribution Bykov is its introduction — discussion of the epistolary genre, as well as drawings, sent from Scandinavia as "solid echo on vershalisty."

Maxim Bogdanovich. Complete works in three volumes. Volume III.

Minsk, "the Belarusian Science", 2001


On shmatgrannasts interests of the poet shows his letters to the common people ("Who are we?"), As amended by the "Young Belarus" and "Nasha Niva", public figures, writers and scientists — Valery Bryusov, Vaclav Lastovskaya, Arkady Smolich … Some of them — it is a private or business correspondence, can be found in other discussions about literature and art, in common with others of his journalism.

"… Hello, old Sparrow. The young sparrow bad. … I have a lot of phlegm, the temperature is high, bled twice, the second time otpleval Her ten days, but from bleeding out of the bed is not ESPO — finally weakened. Will soon begin to heat, it will be necessary leave Yalta, and in such and such a video go? .. "

These words addressee to his father-ethnographer full of bitterness. The lines of the famous poetic parting-covenant were written almost simultaneously:

In a country fair where I die
In the white house at the blue bay,
I'm not alone, I have a book
From the printing of Pan Martin Kuchta.

Sergei Shapran. Vasil Bykov's life story in the papers, publications, memoirs and letters.

Book Two Minsk-Grodno, "Library of the Fatherland, Grodno Library", 2009.


This two-volume edition appeared, thanks to the titanic work and the organizational efforts of the author. This is actually the first attempt to create an encyclopedia of Vasil Bykov. In the biographical documentary letapisanne national writer of Belarus organically intertwined and epistolary heritage V. Bykov (in including letters from the front 1944-1945 years), his correspondence "of the time and the era" with Ales Adamovich, Valentin Oskotsky, Victor Astafiev, Igor Dedkova, Benjamin Kaverynym, Lazar Lazarev, Alexander Twardowski magazine "New World."

Personality and time. Belarusian biographical almanac. Release the third Larissa Heniyush.

Minsk, "Limarius", 2010.


Despite the fact that the Prague archive Larissa Heniyush died, all of us can say lucky. Only one raschytanaya epistolary heritage poet is more than a thousand units. Five years ago in the book "Just so you know," was published 335 pages, and this anthology — 185 messages from Zelva and 92, addressed to the poet. Among her correspondents were Ales Belokozy, Danuta Bichel, Vasil Bykov, Zoska Veras, Mikola Ermolovich, Vladimir Karatkevich, Alex Karpyuk, Nina Matyas, Maxim Tank …



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