Volkosob serving in the army

In the feral nature of the common predators, which are a hybrid of a wolf with a pet dog — volkosoby (eg, Siberian Husky — the descendants of wolves).

Specialists point out the following properties volkosobov: the presence of a very acute sense of smell, good stamina, mental stability, brain, inflated anger, decreased level of horror.

Volkosoby not afraid of humans are natural-born hunters, bolder wolves. They eat in the main meat meal, but love and vegetation, especially melons.

Dog experts Perm Military Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the second half of the 90s to conduct experiments on the domestication of the wolf. No one will think out what the result will be obtained in the long run. The calculation was based on the accurate guess about what wolves are the ancestors of the domestic dog, as it should be getting a hybrid animal. Scientists have carefully studied the habits and behavior of wolves were watching them on the nature, the zoo, the circus.

Dog experts Military Institute to create its own set of breed, having once ins wolf and a dog, and most importantly, brand new breed should be certainly attentive to the person.

Dog handlers must experience success case. One of the hunters said team leader Dr. experimenters Kasimov of prodigious wolf that lived in by the owner of the role of the dog. This wolf's name was found. Unlike wolves, which have genetically incorporated caution and distrust of people, Naida has always been open and sympathetic to the man.

Specialists say that only 5% of all individuals have the innate tolerance of wolves to humans. Specifically, these wolves went on contact with the man, and subsequently, as a result of evolution, became dogs.

A couple Naide was a dog named Baron, distinguished confidence and strong nervous system.

For 10 years, born 40 volkosobak. Virtually all puppies — a copy of the mother, the ordinary wolves. Their behavior is different from a dog — they never spare the owner occasionally wag their tails are skittish nature. Volkosoby show wonders in the disciplines of dressage, involve a charm to, and not love watching the detention of offenders and frontal attacks. One of the cadets of the military institute told that because volkosoby not obey, when in training their pressure, forcing the team to do against their will, it is necessary to use a valid educational method: taking volkosoba the collar should be turned over onto his back and firmly press down to the ground (but not causing pain to the animal). This action tells the ward who the leader of the pack. Hold volkosoba continue until until the animal is put up. Letting volkosobaku, canine pet will certainly praise for obedience.

Before performing team owner, volkosob certainly plain enough: what benefit it will receive if it will perform — it asks him to rational thinking. Volkosoby, unlike dogs, work only for the food and food way of taming them never gives failures.

At the three-day event for dogs volkosoby, pupils of nursery Perm Military Institute bypassed their own fellow dogs in all major disciplines.

Unlike volkosobov of the dog:

— volkosoby very similar to wolves are perfectly disguised on the ground;
— not bad health hybrids (appeal to the veterinarian at volkosobov three times less than in dogs), the ability to rapidly restore physical strength, obstacle height of two meters hybrid jump without a run, volkosob can pass after three days of fasting during the day up to 200 km (for comparison — the dogs can go 30 km);
— Key volkosoby scent 6 times sharper than in dogs. From this it follows that volkosob can go on with the freshest scent, using top flair, and take the next 12-hour ago. Another feature — volkosob can take the smell of oil. In tests for the detection of illegal tapping volkosob found a box with a hose containing the freshest oil, buried at a depth of about one meter;
— volkosob a metal grip — it bites through protection made of plastic and felt;
— volkosob has independent character, in taming have to use special ways to motivate hybrid to take joint action with the person;
— volkosoba action in relation to the victim is different from the dog. If dog, clutching the hand of her torment, then volkosob, grabbing his arm, slowly but surely moving to the most vulnerable spot — to the throat or groin;
— speed of detection of explosives, drugs or human volkosoba in more than a dog 12 times, this is due to the fact that hybrid not randomly tossing around the garden like a dog, searches the perimeter, which is more excellent;
— volkosob has a highest intellectual level than dog;
— volkosobov few emotions allows them not to get involved in the pursuit: running them is easy, sure, like waddling, but the result is better than a dog;
— volkosoby more stable in extreme situations. For example, an animal being between with 2 combat vehicles, does not react to the sound of gunfire;
— Training continues volkosoba less than a dog;
— volkosob is a unique find for a service dog, and oh so pet it is not applicable, as the volkosoby not have the innate instinct of service to man, because it can cope with only the most experienced special.

Experimental work with these animals who possess unique properties that ran across into practice.

Some of the pets of military dog handlers headed to the Special Forces of the Russian Federation. Volkosob Red "is" on the border Daur, and, according to the border guards, Chinese and Tartar offenders are very afraid of meeting with him. Volkosob Gray finds explosives and drugs in the rank of "employee" dog training center in the town of Sverdlovsk. Two volkosoba visited even in Chechnya, where they have already proven themselves in the toughest weather criteria in combat missions.

Volkosoba can rightly be considered concealed weapon law enforcement and border units of.

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