Volyn massacre

Do Mnogie heard this phrase: "Volyn massacre"? This was unprecedented in scale of sin, which met Bandera militants against the Polish population of Volhynia and other lands of the Western Ukraine. It is believed that only the hands of the Volyn region Bandera killed about 60 thousand Poles, not including ethnic Ukrainians, who also destroyed the troops Russian support for the UPA government. In total, according to various estimates, were killed from 1 0 0 to 200 thousand Poles.

Ethnic cleaning began in 1942, but have gained climax in the coming year. Polish inhabitants of the villages were cut without exception, sparing neither women nor children.

One of warlords UPA Yuri Stelmashchuk, known under the pseudonym "Rudoy", who was arrested by the NKVD after the liberation of Ukraine, gave testimony, excerpts of which we give below:

"In June 1943, the manager of the northern group of the so-called UPA Klim Savur — Dmitry Klyachkovsky — gave me a verbal indication of the central conductor of the OUN polls and widespread physical destruction of the entire Polish population living in the countryside of the western regions of Ukraine. In carrying out this directive OUN leaders, I in August 1943 with a compound series of bandit groups UPA cut more than 15 thousand Polish population in some areas of Volyn … We drove all the polls population in one place, surrounded him and began to slaughter. Once there was not the 1st living person, dug huge pits, dumped them in all the bodies and covered with earth. To cover up the traces of this terrible action, on the graves we lit fires. So we are one hundred percent killed 10's of little villages and hamlets … ".

OUN security chief Nikolai Swan so admonished own thugs, "We do not motivate numbers, we are not talking about 10 or 100-ke tyschah, but about all the Poles to one — from toddlers to the elderly. Once and for all to liberate our land from this rump. Absolutely destroy the village, so that nothing else was like that before there were people. "

Bandera have made every effort to completely "clean up"-controlled area from all foreigners, and only some Poles and Jews managed to survive the slaughter survivors left memoirs, which arise from reading the upright hair. Working on this book, we found the 10's evidence, but decided not to publish them. If desired, the reader may find them …

All this bloody orgy was the natural result of the whole policy of SVR-UPA team based on the theory of integral nationalism. Back in 1928 in one of the promotional brochures SVR said: "It takes blood? — We give a lot of blood! Requires terror? — Let's make it hell! "And shortly before the start of the Volyn massacre Bandera composed a ditty:" Treba blood Colin dwellers established Vilna Ukrayina! "

Bandera associates have done everything in order to for the sake of his own thoughts slip in the hearts of his supporters are all human. Totally destroying the peace population, they tried to bring in a new person Ukrainians, devoid of unnecessary sentimentality as empathy, compassion … Such personal "blond beast" with the state colors.

By the end of 1943 almost all Polish towns in Volyn and Rivne region together with their inhabitants were wiped off the face of the earth. Poles living in Galicia, a similar fate realized approximately year, when it was created, and it is armed with the UPA-West.

Even now, the memory of that massacre alive. That's not so long ago, Web bypassed the following message:

July 2, 2007 78-year-old inmate Polish village of Huta Pennick Janusz Marnhac a visitor located in the area gas station cafe vyznat 1st of the executioners, who in February 1944 as part of the 4th Regiment of voluntary Galician SS massacred more than 800 inhabitants of the village.

60 years ago it unnecessary to remember the man's face pas whole life, and had the benefit of a colorful sign OUTDOOR — a large mole on his left cheek. It is this man, and yet one SS man broke into their house in that awful morning. Janusz lucky — it is at this moment was in the attic, and that's what saved his life. After a bunch of herbs, in which he hid the boy heard the heartbreaking clicks parents and 2-sisters. Then all was silent. The executioners left the house, showered at the well lighted and have something to open a discussion almost 5 meters from the attic cracks, which clung to the boy miraculously survived … Only in the evening in the village fell silent victims of clicks, shots and drunken laughter of the Galician volunteers. Janusz has not entered the hut — finding on the doorstep of a severed baby brush, he rushed to flee in fear away from the horrible place, until he found himself in the woods, where the morning went to the closely spaced farms. Later it turned out that the ancestors of Janusz were hacked, and two younger sisters were killed with a knife and the body of one of them dismembered monsters.

Making sure that the front of it specifically executed by his family butcher, Marchak returned to the minibus, where he was expected offspring of his own wife, and her brother and two great-grandchildren. Punishing the offspring to delay the executioner if he set his face to leave the gas station, the father quickly went back to the village and another with 2 surviving witnesses of the accident davneshney, which, in turn, did not come alone. Almost an hour 14 people were looking forward to when the killer left the cafe and head to the parking lot.

…Militia and "ambulance" arrived very late. Received a huge number of stab wounds, with broken ribs and neck and eye leaked "bandit attack victim 'died on the way to the clinic. A thorough investigation revealed that Marchak not mistaken. Polish citizen Frantisek Or zhehovsky (Lublin) was essentially Wah sylem Kogut, the former "guest" from the 4th voluntary Galician SS regiment, who back in '63 participated in the mass executions of the inhabitants of the village of Guta Penyatska. Kohut's only offspring to learn the details of the case, the claim rejected, but, nevertheless, the Polish Themis is investigating the episode to find and punish the initiators and participants of the "lynching" of former punisher. Polish Prosecutor General is now inundated with furious letters to the Polish public demand — "Hands off the judiciary", where the justice system is supposed at once an orphan in the winter of 1944 skinny country boy.

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