War. What will happen with Russia?

War Iran is likely to be. But an attack on Iran — is a blow to the Russian Federation, and its interests in the Middle East. Look how smart and energetic liberal opposition, licking the hands of Washington, "loud silence" about it, diverting the attention of people scream about the falsification of the elections. All of these "obschecheloveki" work out the wages, and their task — to incite their own on their own, while at the same time not to let our society loaf of real, not an imaginary danger. Therefore, to keep our society in the heat of the anti-Putin hysteria.

But back to Iran. Now that Moscow and Tehran fairly common ground as to endanger the Anglo-Saxon interests in the region. The days when our homeland and Iran stood on opposite sides, as it was during the war in Yugoslavia, when Tehran to stuff an instrument of Bosnian Muslims were.

Both the capital in favor of a multi-polar world, wary of the "power exercises" of Washington in Afghanistan, tend to the role of regional favorites, assumes a priori that the increase in tension with the global hegemon in the face of Washington.

Geopolitical presence of in the South Caucasus with a strong Iran more guaranteed than Iran, in all dependent on Washington. Stifling Iran, whitewashed house is not only completely clean up the region "for themselves", and broke in pieces that managed to combine RF the post-Soviet space.

Iran without Ahmadinejad — it is an opportunity for the Yankees out to the Caspian Sea (shared resources of oil and gas condensate are estimated at $ 20 billion. Tons), the pressure on Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and to influence the situation in the North Caucasus. This means that a group of Russian troops in Armenia and the Russian military facilities in Azerbaijan will be on the frontal plane of US-Russian military-diplomatic confrontation, as in the event of U.S. military bases on Iranian territory in case of oppression to resist the will of Tehran do not have to hesitate.

This not only resulted in a final reformatting Near East in favor of the United States, and will serve as a finishing chord on building long-term project at the southern borders of the Russian Federation "sanitary cordon", similar to the west (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia). South "sanitary cordon" is now out of Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran — a tremendous gap in the Zasechnaya strip.

United States in the Caspian Sea — is an opportunity ousting of of its shores and we overlap on the southern flank of the landlocked and clogging the south. This will allow a more intensely promote the theme majestically Cherkessia. And then feel free, then, since the main guardians of the project will be located here, it is there, on the Iranian coast of the Caspian Sea!

Jamestown Foundation, an organization linked to the CIA, was very involved Circassian issue, and gives advice to the Russian government: not to return to the Russian Caucasus and Caucasians do not employ a depth of, and provide the opportunity to settle in Caucasians Stavropol, Krasnodar Krai, Kalmykia and the Astrakhan .

A quick gaze at the map is enough to behold: Astrakhan — a port city on the Caspian Sea, located on the reverse side of the Black Sea in Sochi. Between them took place just Stavropol, Krasnodar and Kalmykia. On the flank of the Black Sea-Caspian corridor Sochi — Astrakhan "propped up" Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia and the republics of the Russian population are actually quite squeezed — Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan. These republics, in turn, are combined with Georgia's Saakashvili has officially recognized the "Circassian genocide", and Azerbaijan, which is the case with Moscow are not coming together smoothly.

If the Yankees geopolitical dreams are realized, and the Russian will make the most of the republics of the North Caucasus and adjacent territories hundred percent, the "land bridge" between the Black and Caspian seas into chaos, and our home will be thrown to Rostov and Volgograd, rolling descent from 2 — uh seas — the Caspian and Black. In such a situation, the Caspian Sea under the control of the United States — an important detail.

As shown in his article "The Iranian Puzzle" Leonid Savin, "The United States in the Persian Gulf have 40 thousand troops on the eastern flank of Iran in Afghanistan is still 90 thousand plus several thousand support staff in other Asian countries. Considerable force, and with such force the United States to control the escalation of the conflict will not be easy. Colin Kahl writes in «Foreign Affairs», there is no full belief that Washington will be able to win this war in the operational sense. Maintaining the status quo is working against the United States. According to the views of intelligence and analytical center "Stratfor" if "Bashar al-Assad stay in power, and the situation in Iraq will be adjoining the same, then Iran will form a reality that will determine the region's politics. The United States does not have a large and effective coalition, which would be merged in case of war … The U.S. has only Israel … ".

For Moscow, the same alliance with Iran — it is also an opportunity to influence the situation in Afghanistan. Tehran, as well as Moscow, supported the representatives of the Northern Alliance, the Hazaras, Tajiks and Uzbeks Afghanistan. Washington emphasized spoke protector Pashtun tribes — the backbone of the movement "Taliban". The value of the Iranian factor in the Afghan dilemma is currently decreased due to U.S. threats "to punish and teach a lesson" Tehran, although nedavneshnego time favorites northern Afghanistan focused on Iran.

In the article "Iran — Caspian: the path to global project" editor in chief of the magazine "International Affairs" Armen Hovhannisyan said: "In a study of the circumstances of the financial crisis, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense and on behalf of President Obama, said that the" shock attacks on global economy "can turn into a disaster for the United States. The result of such disasters may become the "fall of the current level of instability of the population … and the loss of the South American influence abroad."

Loss of global economic crisis on the destructive force is estimated at $ 50 trillion., One of which fell on the third part of the United States. For comparison: the economic harm which all countries of the world have suffered as a result of the second world war, was $ 1.3 trillion., and the cost of all the wars that the U.S. waged in its history, is estimated at $ 6.9 trillion. To make up for the loss of so global, we need more global the project. Iran — The key to the Caspian region. In turn, The Caspian Pool — is third in size tank energoelementov in the world and immediately plexus international energy communications.

"The strategic dominance over this area, — said Zbigniew Brzezinski — albeit disguised cooperation agreements, it would be determined based on the belief of" world hegemony "advantage." This is a look from the South American coast. From the perspective of the global economy, "oil of the Caspian basin — the recognition of Western professionals — can be as important for the industrial world in the twenty-first century, what is now the Persian Gulf oil."

So the Iranians would kill for oil and fundamental strategic position of the country. Will Our homeland remain indifferent? I would like to place it is not.

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