Warsaw has agreed with Gazprom — the devil in the details

Life Life previously reported, Planning Polish-Russian gas deal sparked fears and protest the European Commission, which believes that Gazprom's control over the Polish part of the Yamal-Europe pipeline contradicts EU legislation on de-monopolization of energy supplies. The Commission has also protested against the transit discounts, Warsaw gave Gazprom.

Recall Now that Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipe is controlled by concern Europol Gaz, in which at 48 percent of the shares are Gazprom and PGNiG, the Polish state-owned gas company. The remaining 4 percent belong to Gas Trading, a joint venture between Gazprom and PGNiG.

Polish media have reported that Warsaw was able to negotiate with Gazprom on what the operator of the Yamal-Europe in Poland will be the Polish state-owned company Gaz-System. According to EU legislation, Gaz-System will be signed with all interested parties to the contract of transportation of gas, ustanavlyats transit tariffs and invest in the development pipeline.

Gazprom, according to Polish media, will in fact be deprived of control over the gas pipeline Yamal-Europe in Poland. According to Polish media, Warsaw is also excluded from the contract of the old Russian ban on the resale of contracted Russian gas. Polish media do not report on the reaction conditions announced by Brussels on a new gas contract with Gazprom Poland.

More Gas

Russian media, reporting on a new contract, are silent on the issue of control over the Polish part of the Yamal-Europe pipe. But they stress that the new contract is extremely useful for Gazprom, which will increase the share of its gas supplies to the Polish market, with 65 percent to nearly 80 percent.

Under the agreement, beginning in 2012, Gazprom will increase gas supply from 9.7 million cubic meters to 11 million cubic meters. Previously it was assumed that the new contract would be extended until 2037, but after yesterday's talks it became clear that he would oblige the year 2022, when the current contract ends on Gazprom's supplies to Poland.

Polish critics of the new contract with Gazprom pay attention, pryvyazanne that country to such a long-term gas supplies from Russia will close for many years, the issue of diversification of energy supplies, and to interrupt the development of the program of getting gas from shale deposits in Poland, which is estimated to be extremely rich.

With the new Polish-Russian gas contract can rejoice in Belarus. The larger the transit of Russian gas to Poland is a large payment for transit of Minsk.

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