Was he really is, the Tunguska meteorite?

S.Simonov himself survived the Tashkent earthquake of 1966. In the city of those who survived the earthquake, particularly in the massif, remember that just before the first impulse was devastating orange glow that covered the sky. In fact, the power of the elements was not so great: nazarbekskoe earthquake of 1980, which took effect in the midst of 8.1 points, to Tashkent when it is at least 7.5-7.8 points, was much more powerful.

Waveform was different, and therefore different effects on terrestrial objects. More likely, different nature of the two. In 1966, the panic was, and in 1980 — almost was not. What is it? .. And the fact that in 1980, there was no glow.

Abnormal point land in Vanavara (paleovolcano) and anomalous point in Kezhma (paleovolcano) for some reason, which is now pointless to discuss, not knowing the nature of the phenomenon, samovozbudilis. As a result, a week before the explosion at the Stony Tunguska throughout Eastern Europe (according to residents Saransk contemporaries TM) were white nights. Pumping atmosphere ionosphere was in full swing. Finally, June 30, 1908 at 8:00 am 15 minutes there was a sharp burst of energy (possibly transfer from the crater in a crater).

This tube volcano threw a ball of energy in the atmosphere, which is in contact with the atmosphere and the ionosphere spawned giant plasmoid exploded right there on the spot, in the release. Part of it, which he almost immediately crashed simultaneously flew apart (because so contradictory evidence, and therefore meta "aerolite", aptly named it in his report to the district police chief Yenisei Provincial).

It is possible and reverse movement of the discharge (a kind of 400-kilometer "arc") — from the crater Kezhemskogo Vanavara. Even likely. In fact, we are dealing with a giant fireball, and not one, but several that are broken, perhaps, the original one. Hence — discharges in different directions — hence expansion of giant balloons — hence the multiplicity of explosions, because they do not believe there is no reason EVENKIA hunter like him — there is no reason to write something that was not there. Especially as it is consistent with the data Kezhma witnesses (not a shot from a gun, and shooting!) Rather, such events tend to recur. And it is necessarily associated with Comet Halley.

Four years before the appearance of the comet within the astronomical sight to Earth is a giant and mysterious catastrophe. Of their number — the Tunguska object. And a few years after the Earth closer to the comet Halley are the same inexplicable things — a tsunami, a giant wave, earthquake, flood, accidental explosions. Activated UFO explode from nowhere who had taken "a cloud of gas" (Ufa), nuclear power (Chernobyl), pyramids svezennyh fertilizer on fields (Ryazan), collapse of the state (Russia — the revolution of 1905 and 1917., The Soviet Union — 1985-1991-1993 years.) …

County police chief wanted to be absolutely accurate. What do we read? "Above the village Kezhemskogo (on the Angara River), from the south to the north in clear weather high in the celestial space aerolite flew enormous size, which is discharged, produced a series of sounds, like a shot of the guns, and then disappeared …"

By all indications, the Tunguska meteorite, in fact was not. Plasmoids were — or one, or several. They came out of nowhere: his "domestic". Perhaps, as harbingers of future shocks that appointed Mother Russia bloody XX century. A physical process took approximately one that described the wonderful (and very cool first "calculate") brothers Simonov.

Only in the absence of the celestial stone, for which invented an ingenious theory. Who knows, perhaps for the 100th anniversary of TM found? Then he used to tell all. Huge crater — with a diameter of 1200 meters and 114 meters deep — in the opinion of geologists, "clearly meteoric origin", which appeared in Arizona in prehistoric times — whether it contains at least something? Although fragment of? Or ring them commensurate with craters around the city of Charleston?

If this is not the remains of "bursting of the bubble" on the surface of the boiling lava, similar to the holes in the pancakes, the most likely origin of the same. A very vast, Arizona, the Navajo kept explanation (a miraculous way, the explanation!): "I went down from the sky in the form of God and the pillar of fire, killing all around, with a terrible roar disappeared under the earth …" It seems, and this "meteorite" was not a physical phenomenon is similar to the Tunguska.

Space artifacts are objects that fall to Earth from space and show signs of artificial origin. Among these mysteries known Canadian meteorite weighing 150 pounds, discovered in 1960. He is unknown to science metal alloy with a high content of magnesium. The find was not able to connect to any military or space technology of terrestrial origin, since the surface of the meteorite has traces of a long stay in space.

In 1964, in Czechoslovakia in front of witnesses fell from the sky 200-gram meteorite alloy which is not found in nature in its natural form. Despite the slight melting of the surface, it has retained clear traces of machining.

In 1981, the meteor passed over Tunisia "rain" where among other fallen stones found the perfect stone cube with edge length of 20 centimeters … The true nature of these and other space artifacts today can only guess.

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