Washington declared a disaster area

Washington's power was transferred to the online services of enhanced mode with the approach of Hurricane "Irene." They recognized the metropolitan DC area disaster.

"Hurricane coming to Washington and now the city is a disaster … Our online services are mobilized and are now in the state of readiness" number one. "We have to be sure that we can help everyone who needs help," — said the mayor.
According to him, the impact of Hurricane residents will feel the day. Expected gusty winds up to 25 meters per second and heavy rainfall with a total rainfall of up to 102 millimeters. With the approach of the hurricane to the capital region were mass blackout. Total U.S. "Irene" left without electricity for nearly a million people.

Between Washington and the southern cities for a few days interrupted rail service. The mayor urged residents to study evacuation routes, RIA Novosti reported.

In turn, the city is actively preparing for the disaster. Operations center, established in connection with the hurricane, began work at 7:00 am on Saturday. On the eve of the authorities organized giveaway citizens 75,000 sandbags, opened four shelters in the city.

Earlier, authorities in several states have announced the mandatory evacuation of settlements from the coastal zone. Governors of Maryland, Virginia, New York and New Jersey, said the introduction of high alert for emergency services.

Note that when the disaster killed ten people. First, "Irene" hit North Carolina, then — on the Virginia and Maryland. In North Carolina, killing four people — two men, one of whom was a child in the car crashed, another was killed by a falling tree, and the fourth victim was a man, who died of a heart attack. All three victims were killed in Virginia by fallen trees. The ninth was killed 55-year-old surfer, who decided to go into the water at the beach in Florida, despite the warnings of the danger. About ten victims of identity and how, in what was the state of misery is not reported.

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