We must unite and do things together

Sous: The members of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva openly say that the tent near October Square before an election can be seen as a symbol of the future space. It is already the third day stands quietly, people spend the night, there is agitation. What do you think, why the authorities did not make any steps to remove the tent?

Dmitriev: Because the authorities are trying to play to the liberalization and to show Europe and the United States, that, well, then they do not do any obstacles. This, I think, will be one of the arguments of power, then to say that they were transparent and fair elections.

Sous: How would you, as a political consultant, evaluated the election campaigns of the other candidates for president? What ideas you found interesting? What works best?

I liked today's action "Prospect of the national flag," which gave Mr. Kastusyou. As far as I know, there Rymashevski joined him, and a few of our people there wasabout. It's something fun and shows people some alternative. But such things should be done, not only here but also in the regions. Today we fed the people not only in Minsk, but also in all regional cities. This should be done not only here. We must unite and do things together. This is what we call, in principle, all the candidates.

Sous: You say that you continue to feed people in different cities. And how will you answer the question where the red caviar on a pancake?

Dmitriev: It's only here in Minsk. In Grodno, as far as I know, was the pilaf in the Gomel region for some other dish — soup, it seems. It is only in Minsk has treated us as one of the restaurants, for which she thanks a lot. Of those who ate no one was offended.

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