What are the causes of diseases and problems of man

The main reasons for which a person is sick

Every person at least once in his life faced with a situation where conventional treatments are not able to cope with the disease. At best, the result of their application is a minor or transitory feeling better patient.

The first picture aura sick man, and the second — a healthy

This article focuses mainly on such "difficult" cases, and the possibilities of so-called non-traditional healing methods. Attitude of modern science to religion is based on a deep respect for her and a serious assessment of its role and place in history. Religion arose together, or almost together with the person taking over the complex and the most important burden — the care of the human soul. And so far is this cross. Science and religion are not opposites, but different forms of knowledge that complement each other. As history has shown, not won any religion, is accused of heresy and science atheism or science, consider religion a delusion uneducated, or simply a fraud.

Given that no organization is more than a church, is not dealing with education, preservation and elevation of the human spirit, you must at least now consider the use of the accumulated experience of the church in this area. Science is already trying to explain the phenomenon of consciousness, which is subjective reflection of objective reality and psychic phenomena, the existence of which is increasingly confirmed experimentally. Science has recognized the existence of a thin material world (subtle bodies of the person), which significantly influences on such a vital area of human knowledge as medicine.

Modern Western medicine is focused on the development of technical medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, hard treats the physical human body, saving him from the consequences of disease, not the cause, which is often hidden in the subtle bodies of man. One adenoids removed, but they grew back. Another cut on his leg gangrenous toe and gangrene spread to the shin. The third is being treated for a lifetime of diabetes. The fourth life can not get rid of thyroid dysfunction. So skeptical attitude of many people to the doctor is not accidental. It is no coincidence therefore treatment of patients to healers, psychics, especially in those cases where it is a very complex and unexplained phenomena.

Phenomena such as evil spirits, ghost, "house", UFO, poltergeist, the evil eye, fear, damage, slander, astral psychic "aggression", astral sex "aggression", erotic dreams, astral "robotics", madness, obsession and etc. got its name — the abnormal phenomenon.

Analyzing many years of practical experience in the field, we can say that the natural causes of disease were observed in a few turns for help to Viktoria.

Of 100% applied:

  • 40% found in the cushions "masonry" (lumps, ground, hair, skin, frogs, mice, grains, cereals, blades, nails, buttons, cords, straps, etc.), eating bread with coffin lid;
  • 30% brought the cemetery wreaths, scarves, towels;
  • 10% had a rope from the hands and feet of the deceased;
  • 5% slept on beds, pillows and beds, which were ill and died near;
  • 15% asked for help to the conductors of "dark forces", ie fortune-tellers, read plots, books on black magic, were charmed things are at home needles thrown up things podlituyu water, pour the ground or corn, eggs or egg shells and the like.

Healer was able to understand the cause of most diseases.

Disease — a return to man his own mistakes in order to understanding them. Information fields on human a correction of such errors.

To make people feel healthy, you need to clean it auric field from a variety of accumulated negative emotions. This may be the envy and resentment of parents, children, neighbors, co-workers, bosses, and other negative emotions. In these cases, the field (aura) and inside the human body accumulate "lumps" of negative energy, called by the people "dosadniki" which destroy not only the energy and emotional layer, but the physical body of man. Feel "dosadnik" can put his hand on her stomach. Light pulse — signal the presence of "lump" in the physical body, and therefore — the rudiments of the disease. Over time, these "dosadniki" transformed into tumors: tumors, cysts, seals, fibroids, fibroids, etc.

Distinguish illness physical, mental and spiritual. Currently, 80% of disease in a person receives as a result of the so-called "corruption." In the remaining 20% are due to disease infection, poisoning, cold, trauma, radiation, hostile environment, etc.

Over the past few years has increased dramatically the number of people that came into mindless, uncontrollable telepathic contacts in various séances, meditations, transmeditatsy and other magic tricks. The number of people who are visually observed UFOs and even joined them in the so-called "close" contact. The initiators of contacts are not only alien to us by representatives of the mind, but that happens much more often, the people themselves. By their ignorance and inexperience many become victims.

A major risk to humans are the so-called "violent" telepathic contacts have taken place under the influence of some reasonable forces (energy cosmic astral entities subtle world), regardless of the will, desire and human consciousness, and in various forms. It can be a visual image, mental images, a voice, a sense of someone else's mental and physical pressure, expressed in lethargy, stupor, or, conversely, agitation, irritability, feeling vibrations, cold, fever, severe headache, gnashing of teeth, and fear.

Analysis of work with people who are in telepathic contact, showed that representatives reasonable forces (forces of evil) can subdue the will and the mind of man to control it. Thus, falling under the influence of the so-called forces of evil (let's call them the dark forces), a man unwittingly becomes partially or completely controlled by those forces.

Such contacts go too far and end up with total destruction of the natural protective psycho-energetic field of the full or partial liquidation of the mental "I" person.

Unexplained phenomena do not exist by themselves. They create a contact situation, affecting human health, bringing it up to stress and mental disorders.

Damage, fear, slander — all spiritual illnesses of people. Church, from IV century, has prayers of the Holy Fathers of the church, engaged in exorcism (exorcism of the possessed people through prayer proofreading). Attitude of the Orthodox Church to such proofreading ambiguous. Some believe that an exorcism — the lot chosen, has a special gift. Others, including Father Panteleimon (Ledeen, "Intrigues of devils"), believe that the obsession can read and have a priest, especially in a time when the spiritual health (and therefore physical) is very rare. Here it is appropriate to recall the words of St. Ambrose of Optina, who said that everyone can read the possessed having proizvolenie plus a good life.

Experience shows that there are three kinds of demons attack the caster (or those who help them to proof-read obsessed):

  1. action through people;
  2. direct demonic "insurance" (catching horror);
  3. incite passions.

Generally astral beings tireless against spellcasters. Not having succeeded in one, immediately take something else, etc.

Remember that proofreading — it is not a panacea for obsession. If a person does not reconsider his life according to the commandments of God, not votserkovitsya, waiting healing sense. Need to regularly partake of the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Communion, to observe fasts and behave properly. Only then, after proofreading comes complete freedom from obsession.

Spiritual ignorance leads to the fact that people are easy prey for the "dark" forces. To modern man to believe in God, in the subtle-material world, need a personal experience, religious and scientific knowledge. In the past, almost spiritual literature was not published, learn religious knowledge in the age of atheism was quite difficult. But now, underdevelopment of our civilization does not allow to fully understand the impact of religious knowledge. Maybe that's why the priests are asked to take the religious tenets of the faith, just learn them and follow them in the name of the positive development of his own soul, and society in general.

The human body on modern scientific studied well enough. Methods and techniques for the study of the soul not yet. But the man — is primarily a soul, the key to the knowledge of the visible and invisible forces, energies, fields, etc. While there is no way to measure mental energy to a great power which can not be doubted. It is necessary that religious and scientific knowledge in this field combined, and religion has taken a step from blind faith to faith sighted, becoming the object of study. Reconciliation of religion, science and medicine at this stage is critical to the positive development of civilization.

According to church tradition, in the astral world, there is a hierarchy of angelic orders ("forces of light"):

  • lower (angels, archangels, start)
  • average (power, strength, dominance)
  • higher (cherubim, seraphim, thrones).

The most advanced were pets. Maybe that's why astral entities move into the fine world of cats, dogs, rodents, use wizards and sorcerers. Astral Plane (Astral) is the most easily accessible of all the subtle planes. It is in the Astral, most people travel in their sleep. Astral with its countless inhabitants pervades the physical world, since it is different from the material structure of matter and its own laws, including gravity (like attracts like). Very often the subtle world of astral beings for whatever reason come into contact with a variety of people. This is due to the fact that the energetic boundaries between the astral and the physical world are becoming increasingly blurred. These contacts can occur at any time of the day (someone chokes, comes a soul of the deceased, showing silhouettes of cats, dogs, shaggy creatures, men in black, etc.).

In the small world, there are numerous community of souls. Appear as wandering "astral twins", causes an unhealthy mental fantasies and nightmares of people who are likely to use alcohol and drugs, as well as thought-forms of animals and demonic beings — witches, sorcerers, witches.

Religions of all nations of the world recognize the existence of invisible cosmic superhuman spirits, for which there is a lot of names. Hindus and Buddhists, for example, calls this spirit radiant Virgin, the Arabs is Satan, the Egyptians — set, the Japanese — a-hole, the Persians — virgins, the British — Saint, the Syrians — Becher, Christians — an angel.

Analyzing all possible contact situations UFO came to the conclusion that the conditional separation of contacts into types: terrestrial, astral space.

Earth contact — contact is triggered by the real earthly people possessing magical abilities and sensitivity, ie magicians, sorcerers, witches.

Astral contact — a contact that is installed with the person by some reasonable energy amorphous entities down to the man series, ie haunted houses, evil spirits, ghosts. They can be either of the lower astral, and plan elements.

Cosmic contact — a contact, establish reasonable cosmic entities in relation to the rising number of the person who may have physical and energy (eg, in the form of thought) form of existence. It is the mental or spiritual (rare) contact with the Hierarchy of the Mind.

Contacts can be positive or negative, so depending on the objectives pursued by the sources of exposure to man, they (ie, sources of contact) conventionally divided into light and dark forces.

There are also the essence of which is called parallelschikami second order. Their goal — to as much as possible to scare people, to withdraw their mind from the normal state, to make hard emit negative energy of fear, pain, etc., so as to quickly deplete their energy potential to a minimum, and then make the main action — implementing the energy structure person. Fortunately, not all of the second order can parallelytsikam perfect parasite, since the shell field of human spiritual development has several degrees of protection against the introduction of another's consciousness with the destructive energy.

Case study:
appointment ran excited to extreme old patient named Olga. With tears in her eyes told me that on the eve of Friday and her husband went to the market for groceries. Stopped her female Serb, called his name and began to warn Olga that she put a spell on the death that it was a personal thing drenched "dead" water and is buried in the cemetery. Simultaneously with this message Serbian fished Olga all the money. Olga house collapsed. Chudilis nightmares, the fear of death, tormented by cramps in the solar plexus. This was accompanied by a strong intestinal disorders with nausea and severe headaches. Olga did not sleep all night. Read the psalms, canons, prayers. Morning came for a consultation. Person has determined that Olga was exposed to such a "cracker" a psychological impact. Fear did the trick. But thanks to the fact that prior to this incident Olga communion in the church and always read the prayer, this operate. The victim did not go to the Serbian shoot imaginary damage, and came to us. I had to calm her down, remove the gap auric field and the consequences of psychic attack. This example — illustration of the impact of the "dark" forces, so do not talk to suspicious people, especially the Roma. No real healer will not offer their services in the markets, train stations and streets. Stay alert.

Parallelschikov of second order is "crackers" and master-class that can handle the person so that he or he would agree to "cohabitation" of the universe, or will be unable to prevent the mastery of his body. In psychiatry, such cases are called multiple personality disorder, but people obsessed by evil spirits or demons. Parasitizing even outside in the field shell-willed and spiritually advanced person, they can also control his actions, to change character traits and even the appearance of your choice.

Illness, physical suffering person — a condition in which the film has exceeded its critical point, and unbalanced body as a whole. Informs the human body in this disease, so that he could fix the problem. It can and it would be easier to fix sooner if the man was closer to his guardian angel, who had long been sending warning signals in the form of all sorts of unpleasant sensations. Unfortunately, people often deaf to such signals and misses the opportunity to fight the cause of the disease in the bud. Heartache, from which time has not followed the correct conclusions, turns into physical pain.

Mental illness — a disease associated with changes in mental state of a person. As a consequence, the behavior of the patient does not fit the conventional frame. But it is the soul — the source of life.

Many astral beings like to hide the disease, injury, and the consequences of accidents. People find it difficult to explain the nature of their disease. And who, in fact, want to be raging? Where "decent" have allergies, chronic bronchitis, asthma, gastritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. That's disease, many people turn to healers, and through them — to God, seeking healing for body and soul. God allows us to disease in the first place for the sins — for their redemption, to change the vicious way of life, awareness of corruption and an understanding that life on earth — is a brief moment, for which there is an eternity. What it will be depends on the life on earth.

Often children suffer for the sins of their parents, to the mountain to crush them reckless life, made their senses and change, cleansed of sin and vice. We cheer for our humility and avoid the evil and fatal actions.

There is a parable. One day Jesus was walking with his disciples on the road. Man, legless from birth, was sitting by the road begging. The disciples asked, "Why has no legs?". Christ said, "If he had legs, fire and sword, he would pass the whole earth."

Disease often pulls us out of the ordinary course of life, away from serious trouble. Much trouble we get rid of more.

Case study:
Man came to the reception with the disease of stomach ulcers. Cured. Six months after treatment began to abuse alcohol. Wife complains that it is now no peace, it would be better, he suffered an ulcer. This is an example of the healing went to harm the human soul. After a while it was again tormented stomach ulcer.

It should be remembered that the cross man against his will, using weak or unconscious, in any case impossible. And if you have the opportunity to appeal to the dying priest, you need no matter what the difficulties, covershit this good work.

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