What do the hours of Isis


"Hours of Isis" can accurately predict the coming days before the disaster. When nearly two centuries ago, Frenchman Jean-Francois Sham polon published the first details about the Egyptian pyramids, hardly any of his contemporaries could have imagined that his secret to these facilities will be guarded by no less zealous than their neighborhood sphinx.

At the beginning of the third millennium, the international scientific community frankly admits that the solutions to even the most simple tasks piramidovoy geometry it is still very far away. Therefore, it is valuable every step of the way. His contribution to the maintenance of the pyramid-made and the Russians. T ak, a member of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia, Doctor of Sciences Sergei Proskuryakov exploring geometric features of the pyramid of Cheops, developed the so-called. "Hours of Isis", in which up to the day we can predict future disaster-tuned XX century, the clock never made a mistake .. .

Almost from the first steps of science of Egyptology, scientists began to notice that something is going on inside the pyramids of the ordinary. Along with the mysterious ability to mummify living organisms there are fixed and do inexplicable things. A striking case is that of a Czech radio engineer Karel Drbanom. Using previous research achievements of scientists, biologists, he came to the conclusion that there is a relationship between the shape of the cavity inside the Egyptian tombs and the chemical, physical, biological processes within them. It remained to make a formula for this dependence. Long struggled with her engineer. The inner instinct told: in the pyramid are operating flow is not known to scientists energy

huge energy force that can not only preserve organic matter, but also affect the hardened steel. The evidence came unexpectedly. Experimenter invited to the banquet. Week he went out of the laboratory and the order was overgrown. Blades found in the bathroom, turned out to be extremely blunt. While going to the store automatically put razor to one of the experimental cardboard pyramids. Imagine his surprise when the next day he found the instrument sharpened blade!


The news about the unique opening Drbana instantly spread outside the Czech Republic. It promised unprecedented savings: the same blade can be used up to 60 times. Immediately podsuetilis merchants. Sales records broke the plastic contraption with not devoid of humor as "razor" Pyramid of Cheops. "Hurry up and dairy industry: it turned out that the milk in the pyramid bags very long kisnet.

Despite the unprecedented success of its opening, Karel Drban secret Egyptian pyramids have not figured out. A little closer to her came the Laboratory for Research of anomalies in the pyramidal structures of scientific and technological center "Space — humanity," Sergei Proskuryakov.

It is known that the ancient Egyptians were not withdrawn and unsociable people. To date, there are about four thousand documents that mention the pyramid. Russian scientist came to the conclusion that their ideologues and founders encrypted clue in mathematical symbols. "The length of the base of the pyramid refers to it as the height of three to five, — says Sergey. — This is if you follow the terms of Leonardo da Vinci, the golden section. Shape of its inner cavity such that the neutrino fluxes are bombing everything that is in the burial chamber, with the greatest force. Normally these neutral particle environment virtually no effect on the substance. " Features of the internal geometry of the pyramid Proskuryakov been linked to the number of so-called "e" — the base of natural logarithms.

First, South Korea (home sponsors are not found), and then in Moscow found by the formula, he built two pyramids and watched the influence of the internal energy of the field on the human body: chronic illness receded, establish a dream come in order nerves.

The geometry of the Egyptian funerary structures allowed the Russian scientist to make another discovery. This is the so-called "Clock of Isis." Arranged in a certain order in a circle the size of the value of height and base of the pyramid of Cheops is a precise calendar of the biggest disasters of the century, since the fall of the Tunguska meteorite and the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "Hours of Isis" fix the Chernobyl accident and the tragedy at the nuclear power station in Hinkley Point and an accident in the UK. This is how!

So, dear readers, can any of you, after reading about the mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt, ironically smile, and someone, quite possibly, even he tries to construct such a clock and reveal another secret of ancient civilizations.

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