When he awoke after the coma doctor discovered the secret of life after death — there is a new world and the higher beings

October 10, 2012 17:27

Dr. Eben Alexander, has long taught at Harvard and who managed to earn a reputation as an excellent neurosurgeon, as long as he could remember, considered himself a Christian, but I never believed in the existence of life after death, and even sympathized with those who believed that somewhere out there is a God who loves us unconditionally.

When he awoke after the coma doctor wrote a book about his "life after death" - there is a "new world" and the higher beings lifebeyonddeath.net

When he awoke after the coma doctor wrote a book about his "life after death" — there is a "new world" and the higher beings

"As a neurosurgeon, I do not believe in the phenomenon of the" out of body experience. " I grew up in the scientific community, I am the son of a neurosurgeon. Follow the path of my father, I became an academician and a neurosurgeon, he taught at Harvard Medical School and other universities.

I understand what happens to the brain when people are on the verge of death, so I have always believed that there is a reasonable scientific explanation for travel outside the body, which describe people who narrowly escaped death, "- he shared with Newsweek.

But everything changed after the fall of man in 2008 he went into a coma. It was then, when Alexander the week was on the brink of life and death, and the cortex of his brain responsible for thought and emotion, ceased to function, he, in his own words, he made a journey to the other world, and in particular, to heaven.

"According to the medical understanding of the brain and the mind to imagine that I was in a coma at least in a limited consciousness, not something that happens very bright and whole journey, it is simply impossible — said neurosurgeon. — There is no scientific explanation, that despite the fact that the body was in a coma, and the bark of my brain turns off, the brain itself continued to work and, in fact, went to the other, much larger universe — dimension, the existence of which I never knew " .

The doctor said that in general the mystical dimension, which he visited, like the numerous descriptions of survivors of clinical death or other border states. According to him, it is literally a new world in which we are much more than just our bodies and our brains, and where death — it's not the end of conscious existence, but only a part of the infinite journey.

Able to describe the doctor and looks like this wonderful world. He said his journey began when he was floating somewhere in the clouds, and soon saw a "transparent, shimmering creatures flying through the sky and leaving behind a long, similar to the line of the next." In addition, these amazing creatures published sounds like a beautiful song, and it seemed to the man, so they expressed their joy and grace, overwhelmed them. However, neither the birds nor the angels Alexander decided not to compare them — they were too different to anything existing on our planet. These were some superior creation, he said.

One of these creatures — an unknown young woman — to join him, and became his guide through the mysterious universe. In this case, the appearance of his beautiful companion, Alexander remembered in detail — she had dark blue eyes, golden-brown hair, braided and high cheekbones. Women's clothes were simple, but beautiful and vibrant — pale blue, dark blue and peach color.

With her, as with other similar beings, the neurosurgeon told without words — messages passed through it and were like the wind. He even brought one of his speeches, telling him a mystical woman. "You love and cherish you forever. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing that you can do wrong, — she said. — We will show you many things here. But in the end you will return back. "

Gradually the woman brought the doctor in "a huge void, where it was completely dark, but there is infinity, and it was very nice." Now Alexander believes that this void was the house of God.

"Journey of a neurosurgeon in the next world" lifebeyonddeath.net

"Journey of a neurosurgeon in the afterlife"

Soon the man woke up. Now, however, experienced the journey to the next world, he is in no hurry shares his experience with colleagues, but finds solace in the church. Man also wrote the book "Journey of a neurosurgeon in the next world", which should see the light at the end of October.

"I'm still a doctor, and still remain a man of science — sums up Alexander. — But on a deeper level, I am very different from the man who used to be, because I saw a picture of this new reality. "

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