Where fly angel hair?

November 27, 2011 5:34

Often in a landing and overflight UFO witnesses reveal strange vitreous fibers as the hairs, called "angel hair." After a little time, they melt from the heat, leaving a clear residue. Scientists have managed to study the composition of this strange substance, but its causes are still unknown. Many scientific skeptics do not like version of alien origin.
Several cases when the "angel hair" for no apparent reason, like the web, hovering in the air, gradually falling to the ground. In other cases, the appearance of a sticky coating on the filament area is directly linked to the observation of a UFO.
Scientists have known the composition of the fibers. They include boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium. In 1954, when he began a systematic study of this phenomenon, the Italian chemist Danilo Cozzi identified this substance as the boron-silicon glass is unstable.

 Total recorded hundreds of Detections "angel hair." In ten cases, observers managed to collect samples of the substance and transported to the research laboratory. But after the establishment of the heavenly strings, studies have not been able to move on — scientists can identify the causes of such phenomena.
The first mention of the "angel hair" refers to 1898, when a similar flying cobwebs fell to Montgomery in the U.S.. But the most famous case occurred in Venice in 1954. October 27 and Pietro Gennaro Lyuchetti Lastruchchi sat on the balcony in St. Mark's Square. At the same time, they noticed two spindly object that rotates and sailed across the sky. Behind them stretched the tracks like a white flame. Objects at high speed followed by the sky, made a seamless 180-degree turn, and disappeared over the horizon.
A few minutes later, UFOs were able to watch the participants and spectators of a football match in Florence. In addition to teams and referees at the stadium was attended by about 10,000 spectators, and journalists. The match had to be suspended because the attention was focused on flying the "cigar." But even then resume the game could not — it turned out that all the football field is covered with a transparent sticky web.
That samples of sludge were taken Danilo Cozzi and his colleagues in a few minutes. Collect "angel hair" had very carefully — they decompose on contact with human skin or rolled into tight balls and rough handling.
American ufologist Charles Mayne suggested that "angel hair" are the tangible result of the engine UFO emitted outward like the exhaust of internal combustion engines. Rapid evaporation residue he explains that this substance is very unstable in our reality and disappear, moving into more familiar to his space-time. Other UFO suggested that celestial Wide Web is the materialization of certain spiritual powers, like ectoplasm appearing at séances.
Now modern science to solve complex problem. On the one hand, the "angel hair" are actually existing phenomenon, which has been repeatedly observed and was even partially understood. On the other hand, an alien version of the origin are not satisfied meteorologists, physicists and chemists who are looking for a simple, earthly explanation for this phenomenon. But evidence continues to accumulate, and their explanation is still no.


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Mystery of angel hair — solved

Angel hair

Almost from the early days of ufology as a science one of its most important areas is the search for extraterrestrial artifacts.

Since the observations of unidentified flying, floating and running objects are nothing without the physical, material artifacts that can touch and look under a microscope. One of these artifacts almost immediately became the so-called angel hair — white threads left after the alleged alien landing ships, but, unfortunately, very quickly these threads dissolve into the air without a trace. Scientists all over the world, would be offered a lot of money for the samples of these threads, but such instances are rare in the world of fact. Part of these unique artifacts stored at RUFORS …

Broadcaster UTV (Perm), the program "Rush Hour." Nikolay Subbotin RUFORS coordinator and head of a rapid response RUFORS Alex Korotovskikh shared their hypotheses about the nature of the unusual phenomenon — chemtrails. Term, by the way, was proposed by Nikolai Subbotin in the late 90's and now entered the UFO vocabulary. Also for the first show unusual fibrous substance that researchers call "angel hair."

Dmitry Sokolov Nikolay tell what it really is — "angel hair"?
Nikolay Subbotin: The most valuable in the study of various anomalous phenomena — are tangible signs and artifacts to explore, analyze, or simply to show as proof of the existence of some yet unexplained phenomena. These artifacts include the "angel hair" — a strange jelly-like fibrous substance that falls to earth in the form of long strands of translucent after passing UFO. Those lucky enough to keep them around to tell us how these threads are melting rapidly, literally evaporates in the palm. You can save them, just quickly placed in a plastic bag, preventing air flow.

Dmitry Sokolov: But who gave them such a romantic name?
Nikolay Subbotin: The name of this phenomenon in ancient times. Watching spans strange glowing objects, and then, seeing as The sky light fibers that are very similar to the hair, the witnesses thought they saw angels rushing in heaven in a fiery chariot and losing his locks in the wind — "angel hair."

Dmitry Sokolov: Are you saying that the people observed this phenomenon in the Middle Ages?
Nikolay Subbotin: Much earlier. The first mention of them can be found in the papyrus time of Thutmose III, which is stored in the collection of the Egyptian director of the Vatican Museum and the department describes the following phenomenon: "In the twenty-second year, in the third month of winter at 6 pm House of Life scribes saw in the sky moving fire circle. Its dimensions were elbow to elbow length and in width. They prostrated themselves and reported to Pharaoh, and he thought of the event. After several days of these items in the sky became numerous and shone brighter than the sun. And Pharaoh with the army looked at them. By evening fire circles ascended higher and moved towards the south … From the sky fell volatile … This did not happen with the foundations of the earth … And Pharaoh burn incense to the gods, and commanded to place the incident in the annals of the House of Life. "

Dmitry Sokolov: What is the geography of this phenomenon, the hair is observed, in which a specific country in the world?
Nikolay Subbotin: No, they are seen everywhere committed the alleged UFO landing. Eyewitnesses in different countries describe angel hair differently, they are often observed in the form of long fibers, sometimes fall from the sky, "web", in other cases, told of a "foam" or "flakes." And the name of the phenomenon, as well as its geography different: Americans call it "angel hair", French — "children of the Madonna", the Italians — "Hair of the Virgin Mary."

Dmitry Sokolov: Tell us about the most interesting observations of the phenomenon of mass
Nikolay Subbotin: In 1741, in several cities of England numerous eyewitnesses recorded falling flakes or rags about one inch wide and a length of about five or six inches. November 16, 1857 in Charleston (USA), the rain had the mass of the strange bristly substance with an unpleasant odor. This phenomenon is accompanied by the appearance in the night sky mysterious glowing objects of enormous size. One of the most unusual and extensive observations occurred in 1881 in Milwaukee. Affected observers talked about how the sky was prolonged whole sheets of angelic hair. Consequence of the description of this event appeared in the magazine "Sayentifik America": "In late October, people in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and neighboring towns were very surprised when they rained from the sky web. She seemed to fall from a great height. In Grinbey the same thing happened, and the web carried by the Gulf, only its size ranged from 18 feet long to small fragments, and how the eye could see, it was visible in the air. We observed a decline in web Vesburge and Fort Howard, Sheboygan and Ozauki. Some web sites are falling so thick that irritated eyes. In all cases, it was white and firm. Strange, but in none of the reports sent to us did not mention the presence of a spider web. "

September 20, 1892 entomologist George Marx personally observed at Gainesville (Fla.) loss huge amounts of hair angel, as he later wrote in a report: "The first time noticed cobwebs in the morning. She was floating in the air or falling out of the clouds. I know people who live at a distance of at least 16 miles away from each other, and they all saw the same thing. It sometimes falls in long strips, like a spider web of up to 3,000 meters, adding in a heap … people saw huge flying sheets, they bring rain, and they looked like a large, pure-white web, sometimes up to 50 meters long. In many places, trees wrap yourself entirely. Next to a small creek, about 100 meters from the house, stretched a huge spider web, in other places it curled into balls. "

Dmitry Sokolov: angel hair so often observed that for sure, not only you have the samples to research laboratories as they investigated what?
Nikolay Subbotin: Of course, these studies were conducted. The first analysis of unusual substance has been done in 1954. October 27, 1954 Gennaro Lyuchetti and drink Lastruchchi noticed over St. Mark's Square in Venice, two flying "glowing spindles", which left behind a fiery trail. What's headed to Florence. While there for a stadium held a football match. But he had to stop when more than 10,000 spectators, players, referees, police noticed in the sky, these unusual objects. Nine minutes, the couple UFO flew over the city three times, and then went down to the football field unusual fiber-like hair. The substance melted in my hands, but one of the witnesses, the student Alfredo Yakopotstsi guessed place it in a sealed bag. Soon the matter was transferred to the analysis of Professor Giovanni Kanerri Florensky University. The analysis showed that "… it is a fibrous material which has significant resistance to stretching and twisting. Being subjected to heat, it darkens and evaporates, leaving transparent sediment melting. Analysis of the sediment also showed the content of boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium. Hypothetically, this substance could be a bit of boron silicon glass. "

Dmitry Sokolov: I wonder if we know anything about the opinion of Soviet scientists on this phenomenon?
Nikolay Subbotin: Most studies were strictly secret, but one thing you can say. In 1967, the Soviet Union from New Zealand brought samples of angel hair with less than one-tenth of a cubic centimeter. However, physical radiometrists Leonid Kirichensko failed analysis, he came to the conclusion that the substance given to "discover fine-fiber material with a thickness of individual fibers of less than 0.1 micron. The bulk fibers confused in clumps or individual "threads" of thickness 20 microns. Fiber white, translucent. Material being analyzed is not synonymous with any known education. "

Academician Petryanov-Sokolov, summing up the study, said: "The sample is of interest as a very fine-fiber material and is hardly a natural compound."

Dmitry Sokolov: What is your personal opinion, as an expert on the origin of this hair?
Nikolay Subbotin: The thing is that not always the appearance of angel hair is associated with UFOs. In November 2006, my e-mail box a letter arrived from the U.S. on radio journalist Dheeraj, which releases in North Carolina, his own radio show "The road to myself." Dheeraj invited me to take part in the "LIVE", describing the phenomenon of chemtrails.

Dmitry Sokolov: And that statement chemtrails? Russian name angel hair?
Nikolay Subbotin: Not really. But this term is the best explains the essence of the phenomenon. Seven years ago, I was the first in Russia began to study this phenomenon by introducing a new UFO usage, the term "chemtrails", which is now widely spread. The essence of the phenomenon lies in the fact that jets leave behind a white trail. Conventional exhaust stripes left by aircraft, to dissipate is not long enough, and depending on the mode of the engine. Chemtrails usually continuously expanding, gradually turning into a stratus, consisting of many rings.

Dmitry Sokolov: Would you say that the angel hair is concentrated emissions from aircraft engines?
Nikolay Subbotin: Just no. Chemtrails are not ordinary aircraft engine exhaust, which we can see every day. There are definite differences in the nature of the formation, development and behavior of these phenomena, which enable them to carry out a clear boundary between. Conventional aircraft emissions are composed of tiny ice crystals, which are formed at altitudes of over 10.5 km. At lower altitudes, they can not be generated regardless of the type and speed of the aircraft. At altitudes above 10.5 km emissions seem thin sharp lines, if the observer is looking straight up, perpendicular to the plane's position. Usually they evaporate in a minute and rarely extend to a sufficient distance behind the plane.

Dmitry Sokolov: Then what exactly are the chemtrails?
Nikolay Subbotin: chemtrails created by aircraft, were observed at altitudes of 2,700 to 11,000 meters. Often they occur at altitudes below 10,000 feet. Normal exhaust can not be formed at this height. Therefore the observation of emissions below 10,000 feet is very likely to chemtrails. Often they appear as large smoke trails, which tend over time to become wider and thicker. They do not evaporate and lose density. Parallel chemtrails for several hours may coalesce into large cirrus clouds. Very often chemtrails shaped like fish spine, consisting of many rounded joints. After the appearance of chemtrails seems speckled blue sky mist net. Then it may become cloudy, and even gray. According to many researchers is the result of a secret experiment that implement several goals: the development of new radar systems to biological experiments on people.

Dmitry Sokolov: You share your findings with other researchers?
Nikolay Subbotin: Yes, we discussed the topic with Dheeraj chemtrails, and she even released a pilot transfer on American radio. Some time passed, and she has witnessed this phenomenon. Here's what she told me: "… It was in North Carolina, a city Eshvil. One sunny morning in early October, I went outside to get some fresh air. I love looking at the sky, and at that time I did not miss this point. Planes were flying very high, and I could not make out what kind of model. I was very upset by the line, similar to scars all over the sky! I sat down on the grass and closed her eyes and asked the universe … give me the answer to what is happening in the sky, why, and by what right is an outrage as white scars that do not go away for hours.

Returning to his own business, I leave aside all those thoughts. Out on the street, a couple of hours, I looked back up. The same white scars that covered solid stripes sky …. Aircraft was not there! Was unusually calm weather. It was as if an invisible force took my mind in a certain direction and stopped. Right before my eyes slowly hung, on what basis do not, white thread-like material or falling, or rising up!

Looking around, I do not see anything hanging in the air. Passed by a woman, and I asked her if she saw the substance in the air. "Yes," she said, "What is it?" I said I do not know, but it is very similar to the chemtrails.

I have at hand was a plastic bag and I took up this matter, quickly put it in the bag. Moreover, the substance as it melted in my hand. However, being inside the bag, nothing will happen. What was it — a web unusual form or substance of himioputey? Only Nick can give you the answer to this question. I'll tell you the truth, Nick, before and after the event, I did this would not have observed (I mean this cobweb material, which can be "angel hair") Since then, sometime during the month, the sky was clear . Only occasionally flying planes and left behind trails, quickly evaporates. However, more recently, about 3-4 November, two days the sky again enveloped the scars without leaving the sky all day. And again — the aircraft only occasionally appeared in nebe.Segodnya, November 7, rain pours all day without stopping. Who knows, maybe it was just about these chemtrails?

I look forward to hearing the results of the analysis, which will give me at least a chance to see that — or it's just my imagination, or are we all really are under the strict control of those who control large corporations What is most surprising and incomprehensible to me, it people ignore this phenomenon! "

Dmitry Sokolov: So the angel's hair may appear together with the phenomenon of chemtrails or is it — did different things?
Nikolay Subbotin: My archives contain another letter that confirms this fact.

"Hi Nick! I observed such phenomena, the 09/12/2001. From morning until 14-15 hours on the eastern side of the sky and the plane flew over a small period of time for him, a white trail, which gradually disappeared a long time. The plane turned around, and flew in the opposite direction, leaving the exact same non-vanishing trace. These traces were accumulated and turned into stratus. I wondered why the vapor trail from an airplane in the sky is held so long (almost the entire day before dark I saw a white, layered clouds on the eastern side of the sky), although the flights stopped after lunch. Me and had no idea that the plane spraying something. This happened the day after the terrorist attack on the United States and all of the services, as announced on the radio and TV, were on high alert. I live in the north of the Volgograd region in Zhirnovsk, and from us to Chechnya are not too far away. So I thought that these flights are connected with increased vigilance. After about 2-3 days there was a web of unusual species. The fibers are very thick and long. This web noticed a lot, because it was a lot, it is found virtually everywhere, in fields, in forests, in the settlements. I'm still on the web of this size was joking with friends: "According to the web, a spider was about my height and my complexion!" Now I know with your list, what is the "spider" and what size it is! I think the consequences are not forced to wait long! Goodbye! Sincerely Basil. "

Dmitry Sokolov: So, angel hair, have nothing to do with the green men, but are not known chemical substance that remains after the new military aircraft flown? In this case, where you have a sample of the substance?
Nikolay Subbotin: Hard to say. Most of all — the substance is formed in the atmosphere after the passage of a special aircraft design. After all, if we assume that these are military experiments, it would be logical to look the question, where did these airplanes in ancient Egypt and medieval Europe? And I got from Dheeraj, who was able to send me this strange substance is remarkably similar in appearance to angel hair observed during overflights of UFOs. The digital microscope at 200x, I took some pictures, which allow a detailed look at the structure of the substance. The analysis shows that in the angel hair, which are formed as a result of chemtrails and UFOs exist barium salt.

Dmitry Sokolov: Last time in Hollywood science fiction horror film, aliens, seized the land, usually spit, white threads similar to your description of the "angel hair." In your opinion, observation and storage of this hair is dangerous to the observer?
Nikolay Subbotin: I will not, original, if I say that with any UFO sightings and events connected with them is the best to leave this place as soon as possible and report it to the authorities. As for the angel hair, you should add that after seeing strange footprints, people became more acute chronic illness. Many witnesses reported falling from the sky spider web material. Laboratory analysis of samples that were obtained showed the presence of biological agents, such as: Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Streptomyces and rare enzyme used to create viruses. Expert on viruses, with 20 years of experience in research, discovered a rare influenza virus V2, which is usually only found in the laboratory. Conventional aircraft exhausts researchers presented more puzzles than UFOs.


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