Where to look for the «time capsule»?

If representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence ever visited our earth, should certainly leave traces of their stay. On this occasion, between orthodox scholars and scientists advanced a quarter century fierce debate. However quite acceptable assumption that aliens from outer space not only visited the old woman-Arbinadu (drevneshumerskoe name of the Earth), but also left information about themselves for future generations. They not able to visit the earth in those days, when the "reasonable man" has not appeared or has existed, but the first steps to the fire and make stone tools? ..

In this case, the message from kosmoprisheltsev — "time capsules" — had to be stored somewhere for thousands of years in the hope that Homo Sapiens ever reach an adequate level of development, will find the capsules and use them to their advantage, possessing concluded in such links. If we take a persistent theory that these capsules are indeed on our planet, there is the question of questions — where to find them?

The attention of scientists has long attracted huge stone structures erected in prehistoric times. This so-called megalithic structures such as Stonehenge or Baalbekskoy English garden in Lebanon. There is also the Maltese stage (decyatimetrovoy staircase width increments each step 1.8 m), gradually disappearing into the depths over 80 m, and then suddenly disappear in the abyss, there is a wonder of wonders — the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and his brother's son Khafre Menkaure, is still shrouded in the darkness of secrecy.

Stonehenge, which is from 4 to 4600 years and written about hundreds of volumes, a few large concentric circles composed of the huge hewn stones of more than 8 meters in height and weighing up to 28 tons of these stones had to somehow bring out the quarry , located at 200 km, and in most cases, one block superglybami others. Even in today's construction equipment problem is very, very difficult!

Specific purpose of Stonehenge so far, the summer of 2011, is not clear. Whether it is the temple of the Druids (ancient British priests), or astronomical observatory Stone (?) Century, or a gigantic pagan temple. Or maybe all together. Where, dear readers, can be a time capsule, if any, is there? By logic, it should be in the center building, under a stone altar.

"You can imagine — says British magazine« The Globe », — that mysterious and concentric circles suggest that the depth at which laid the capsule. To the east, beyond the circle, a so-called Heel Stone. Distance from the center of the circle exactly 78 meters. Maybe this figure suggests that it is necessary to dig a 78-meter depth? "
A submarine stage of Malta? If they do not lead to the desired capsule? However, these steps go into a dark abyss that two attempts to reach its bottom in the bathyscaphe failed.

Fast forward now to Egypt, Giza, where the Great Sphinx — Father of Terror — protecting peace majestic stone pyramids of the Pharaohs IV dynasty. So, the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren are on the same diagonal line. A diagonal of the pyramid of Menkaure at the intersection of the diagonal gives a point in the plane, whose distance from the center of the pyramid of Menkaure — also 78 meters! Perhaps, at this depth to be found even one capsule? Why is the depth of this hypothetical relic is 78 meters? Maybe because above that mark are ground water, and below — artesian water? And under — solid bedding … There are, of course, other explanations.

On one of the slopes of the Andes in South America, deep in the soil is depicted by a trident and a huge sign posted polutsentr jagged white rocks. It is clearly visible from space! If you fly at the indicated direction, soon on top of one of the mountains will show band, lined with the same white boulders. "And if — suggests« The Globe », — landed on this 180-meter strip, dig the soil at its end to a depth equal to the length of the band? Maybe there waiting for us and cherished capsule aliens? "
Often, even the very old earth buildings are placed in a certain way with respect to the Sun, the Moon, Sirius. The question arises: how were such incredible insight in people of the Neolithic or even older? Maybe they helped alien intelligence? And what else could be a plausible version?
We have mentioned here on the Great Sphinx. Scientists have found that it created much earlier than the ancient pyramids, about 10500-11000 years ago. Japanese researchers have found that under the left front paw Sphinx starts narrow underpass, which is inclined to the pyramid of Khafre. Where it ends and what — is unknown.

When they began to scrutinize the Sphinx's head, it turned out that it has a third eye … facing up into space! It was also found that the proportion of such persons and a facial angle of the earthly man is not typical! What if the Sphinx — is a sculptural portrait of the alien, that, for example, under whose leadership subsequently built the first pyramid?

Several years ago, two young men, Michael Lordkipanidze and Otari Kvitalashvili, electronic engineers, went hiking in the mountains of eastern Georgia. They managed to get into a small cave on the wall where they found an eight-metal star. It was mounted on a disk with a diameter of 60 cm and can rotate. In the center of the star was struck eyes with vertical pupils. On the contour of the disk were plotted strange hieroglyphic signs.
Although the air saturated with moisture in the cave, the star and the disk was not the slightest trace of corrosion. Material from which they were made, was dark with a silvery sheen, distinguished extraordinary hardness. Engineers tested the unit on magnetism. North end of the compass needle pushed off from the top of the star and is attracted to its lower beam.

Under this mysterious star discovered well — Hot ice water. Over the well in the roof of the cave was clearly man-made hole through it to natural light. Alas, the engineers were able to remove the mobile cave and discovered in it a star on the disk, then explore the well failed. Maybe metal star in unmarked cave — is an indication that somewhere there is a time capsule? Unfortunately, to do a comprehensive study of this inconceivable, absolutely incredible find scientists could not — a couple of days gone by mountain cave collapse.
Hypotheses, suppositions, mysteries … and yet no one is looking for space "time capsules", even in the most intriguing places. It turns out that it is too early to seek contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence?

According to materials of the foreign and domestic press
Alexander Yevteyev

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