Wildfire threatens Sakhalin Natural Reserve East

Five wildfires raging in the Sakhalin region, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, spokesman of the regional GUMCHS.

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday in Sakhalin operated two forest fires. The largest is the area of 41 hectares is raging in the village Pilve Smirnykhovsky district. It is located in the mountains and away from the village, not presenting a danger to it. For the last day in the region have three more wildfires.

"Wood burning in Smirnykhovsk and Nogliki areas. Involved in extinguishing 64 people and 17 vehicles, including a helicopter, equipped spillway device" — a spokesman said.

As RIA Novosti on the regional public organization "Sakhalin Environment Watch," a forest fire in the area threatens Smirnykhovsk State Nature Reserve "East." Fire consists of two adjacent homes, which have are small.

According to MOE, on Thursday in the forests of the four districts of the Sakhalin region predicted high fire risk.

"According to forecasters, June 7, in the forests of Aniva, Smirnykhovsky, Tymovsk and Dolinsky district fire danger forecast fourth grade," — said the press service.

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