Yarmoshyna: patients may refuse to register

The Central Election Commission on October 14 issued an official warning to the initiative group of Belarusian presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina said that the group deserves withdrawal from the race, and only the desire to make a pluralistic elections kept the commission from doing so. The head of the initiative group of Andrei Dmitriev said that the verdict of the Central Election Commission left no law, and for personal reasons committee members.

Initiative group Vladimir Neklyaeva at a meeting of the Central Election Commission was charged with a number of violations of election laws. Signatures for the applicant meets four young men in 1993 and 1994 birth, which is prohibited to minors. Somehow, they have now been a member of the initiative group identity Neklyaeva. The young men and found 50 copies of promotional materials, which, according to the output, printed in Samara. There already recorded a double violation of the law — early agitation and printing leaflets outside Belarus.

Sam Nyaklyayeu not come to the meeting. "He is on a business trip," — said Andrey Dmitriev, which gave an explanation. , Leader of the group said that the group looked very carefully at the existing legislation and are well aware that minors are not members of the group do not have the right to collect signatures. However, part of the evidence fell into the wrong hands, and someone took advantage of defaulting, explained Mr. Dmitriev

"It was an unknown man, that is evidence that it has made a member of the Neklyaeva not. — Neither at the headquarters of Vladimir Neklyaeva neither he personally nor anyone else — such instructions we did not. And I can say for sure: no one is empowered others, third parties, to collect signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva. "

And the head of the legal department of the CEC Nadezhda Kiseleva, who prepared this question, and the Secretary of the Commission Nikolai Lozovik, and some other members of the commission called the evidence inconclusive Andrei Dmitriev. However, proposals to remove from the electoral race Neklyaeva not sounded. Decided to limit the warning. Lidiya Yarmoshyna This, in her words, "zvyshliberalizm" explained thus:

"We specifically emphasize its commitment to the election was the most pluralistic and competitive, so that voters could see a completely different candidates and vote for the one that is closest to them."

Andrey Dmitriev after the verdict, said, "Freedom":

"We acknowledge our mistake in part, that some of our evidence into the hands of third parties. We will conduct its own internal review. And, of course, when they were transferred to intentionally these people will be excluded from the initiative group.

But I can not understand the logic of Mr. Lazavik: believe or not believe. In a state of law on such a decision will not be accepted. So, the facts are. But it has not been proven that the identity was deliberately sent our people. Also, it was not proved that the leaflets were printed by us. And that does not seem to think Mr. Lozowick, it is a legal practice has nothing to do. "

After the meeting, reporters asked Lydia Yarmoshina, spelled out in the Code for how many warnings initiative group is removed from the race? Response of the Chairman of the CEC was:

"Strictly speaking, it is the right of the Central Election Commission. But one warning is enough if the group will continue to break the law, so that later, when the registration of candidates, it was decided to refuse registration on the ground that the nomination was in violation of the law. "

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