14 victims of the explosion at the Pinskdrev

The Company Today in Pinsk city executive committee clarified information on the number of those killed in the blast on October 25 at "Holding Company" Pinsk Wood ".

Over the weekend, died in hospital:

Hamlyuk Alexander, 1959 Summer Hockey Challenge, the operator of automatic lines,
Nikolai Shevchuk, born in 1950, the operator of molded machines
Shynkaruk Alexander, born in 1974, the Deputy Director for Operations.

List of victims in hospitals, according to the Pinsk Central Hospital:

At the regional hospital of Brest:

First Smirnov Oleg O., 1981
The second Goroshko Edward V., 1977
Third Ermak Paul Antonovich, 1976

In the emergency hospital in Minsk:

First Gladun Natalia, 1967
The second Pilevich Vitali, 1981
Third Mikhail Kasian, 1977

The list of the dead on the morning of Nov. 1:

The first Moog Igor Afenogenovich, 1971, repairer-
The second Raputa Evgeny V., 1984, the operator of automatic and semi-automatic lines in the wood
Third Starodub Mikhail Ivanovich, 1958, repairer-
Fourth Mihaevich Alexander, 1976, machinist woodworking machines
Fifth Sakovitch Ekaterina, 1986, the master foreman of particle separation
Sixth Victor K. Zhukovsky, 1955
Seventh Kazyur Gennady Fedorovich, 1964
Eighth Kolodych Alexander, 1987
Ninth Plate Sergei Nikolaevich, 1985
Tenth Kvashali Oleg, 1962
Eleventh Alexander Moroz, 1987
Twelfth Hamlyuk Alexander, 1959
Thirteenth Nikolai Shevchuk, 1950
Fourteenth Shynkaruk Alexander, 1974

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