148-100EM sent Emergency Situations Ministry

Press release OAO "VASO"

April 10 Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company ("VASO") and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation signed in Voronezh act of acceptance of the An-148-100EM intended for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. Unique aviabort Ministry of Emergency Situations has received under the contract between the United Aircraft Corporation (JSC "UAC") and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Executor of the contract was "VASO" (part of JSC "UAC").


Russian Emergency Situations Ministry plane passed with a complete set of documentation on the aviaimuschestva. The liner meets the stated flight characteristics, technically sound, ready for flight operations and flight operations within the framework of activities of the Ministry.

— The plant has done a unique job. In accordance with the technical requirements of the customer we made five layout options 148-100EM two passengers and three combined passenger and health — said the program manager of An-148 "VASO" Igor Abramov. — These and other changes to the type design standard of the An-148-100 in March this year have been approved by the Interstate Aviation Committee certification is a model of the An-148-100EM. We hope that this plane can demonstrate it is only as reliable, and not just safe, but carries with him salvation, life and health of those who will need them the most.

Each medical unit at the 148-100EM has a full range of the latest medical equipment, which allows you to monitor the in-flight condition of the victim and conduct therapeutic procedures. An equally important advantage of the AN-148-100EM is the ability to operate at airports with unpaved runways, which accompanied by a certificate type. Modern navigation and communication equipment, the use of multi-function indicator-by-wire flight control systems allow the use of a flying hospital for any air routes, and adverse weather conditions, day and night. In contrast to conventional passenger version, the aircraft for the Ministry of Emergency Situations also has satellite communications and Internet access.

— Today's event is very meaningful to the Voronezh Aircraft Plant, — said General Director of JSC "VASO" Vitaly Zubarev. — Ministry of Emergency Situations received at the disposal of aircraft modifications unique — a modern flying hospital that meets all international standards, including in the area of the so-called disaster medicine. That is, the area of medicine, which aims to help the victims in emergency situations. And we are delighted that the work of saving the health and lives of people it will serve our Voronezh aircraft.

Conversion of an aircraft from one version to another is ensured by the operator. At the same time installation (removal) of one medical unit does not exceed 10-15 minutes. Medical units, medical equipment and some seats may be transported in the cargo hold.

Medical unit is designed for emergency resuscitation care aboard one victim in an emergency using a large number of modern medical technology. The module itself is a reason for placing the stretcher with the installed rack for medical devices and a tripod for intravenous injection. The total weight of the module with four oxygen cylinders without medical equipment — about 100 kg, and while working on a stand-alone power supply — at least 2 hours. To secure the victim stretcher equipped with a set of bystrootstegivaemyh seatbelts.

To commission two AN-148EM Ministry of Emergency Situations plans in 2013. This was stated by the new head of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov in January 2013. A second An-148-100EM "VASO" plans to transfer to the customer this summer. April 9, he, according to the schedule, was transferred from the final assembly shop at the flight test station "VASO".

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