18-year-old self-taught artist, whose paintings are impossible to distinguish from the professionally made pictures

October 12, 2011 21:10

Radzhasina (Rajacenna)

Radzhasina (Rajacenna) — an incredibly gifted and talented 18 year old self-taught artist from the Netherlands, drawing a ultra-realistic portraits that are simply impossible to distinguish between professional photos.

Radzhasina was born in August 1993, and 4 years later became a successful model in the field of children's fashion, and 5 years, she first appeared on television. Talented girl starred in movies, soap operas and television shows, and in 12 years has become a leading children's first Web TV Holland.

She began to paint only in 2009, not having behind any art education, perhaps, is why the result surprised even herself self-taught artist, enchanted by the endless possibilities that gave her flight fantasy world of painting.

Her first picture was a portrait of her best friend, who just speechless when Radzhasina in minutes drawn on paper a picture of her.

"It's not just me, drew! She managed to move on paper all my feelings and emotions that I felt at that moment. And the amazing thing is that the whole process of writing a portrait took her less than 15 minutes — told Radzhasiny girlfriend, who became its first muse, a journalist of the Dutch newspapers. — I remember when she handed me a crumpled piece of paper, I stared at him in disbelief, and then quite involuntarily expressed her delight in the form of foul … but I can understand her work is simply incredible ".

Immediately after her first works were leaked to the Internet, the girl contacted by a representative of one of American publications, seek its consent to the use of her paintings as illustrations for the book "American pencil portraits 2" (American pencil portraits 2), which includes themselves of the most outstanding representatives of the artistic scene.

She became a professional artist at the age of 17 and started to draw the incredible ultra-realistic portraits of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, and even the ubiquitous Justin Bieber.

Expert on contemporary painting and New York critic Edward Felton (Edward Felton) talks about the works of the artist are: "Radzhasina is the youngest professional artist, able to create images more real than photographs. So when Lady Gaga first saw his portrait painted by hand Radzhasiny, she said, that he saw in it the mirror image. "

When she started to paint, it takes no more than 20 minutes per picture, which though not dazzled with the details and look like a well-made sketch of the future masterpiece. However, a year later her skill reached unattainable for most professional artists level that affected not only the quality of its work, which looked not only realistic and alive, but the timing of their writing. It is for this reason Radzhasina had to take time off from their hobby and to give all his time to a professional career.

On his website, she wrote: "The process of creating art is very exciting, but at the same time, a tedious task that takes a lot of time. So writing a portrait can take anywhere from 40 to 60 hours.
To give my left arm to have rest and spend more time in their professional career, I had to for 12 months to set aside a pencil, but do not worry, I'll definitely be back next year ".

Radzhasina also said that there was no chapel perfection, and next year it will be even more pictures of the living and perfect in every sense of the word.

Her works are so-called glossy hyperrealism, where the main emphasis is not on realism, and the attractiveness of the image that is considered by many conservative critics, has a lot to do with in Photoshop to retouch photos for fashion magazines. That's why celebrities on Radzhasinoy painted portraits look much better than in real life. Take, for example in pencil artist's idol — Justin Bieber:


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