2nd Global war in video games

The Second World War in Video Games2nd Global war was one of those in the list of favorite make computer games. The number of games that are dedicated to one of the largest wars of the past century has long exceeded one million. Not one studio developers computer Games does not go past this topic, especially if it is made again a company that with a certain modicum of self-assurance finds that it is their game will be a real breakthrough in the world of video games. Often, these "Napoleon" plans fall still at the initial stage. But, let us dwell on the games that are fit and close to the reality embodied in the action itself the second World War.

So, back to the story, in 1939-the year beginning the second World War. Nazi Germany led by Hitler her favorite (write his name with a greater bukovkoy "hand does not rise") cheeky enslaves one after the other European countries. Americans have seen in the best eyeballs for their own games: Hitler put the "lap" the whole world and only America was left for him impregnable fortress. But then Hitler got stronger and gather strength, attacks on the Yankees. South American men, in turn, pumped up their muscles rebuff uninvited guests and release the entire world is enslaved by fascist scum. Meanwhile, America is in the eyes of the whole world becomes a liberator, whom all adore, and remember pochetayut.

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But that's a shame, Hitler invades the Soviet Union area, and America's role in the acts already Russian Alliance which contrary to the desire of the Yankees played a leading and decisive role in the victory over the Nazis. America hitherto believed that fascism was killed allies opened a year before the end of the war the second front, rather than patriotism and heroic resistance of the Russian people.

But back in 1939. Two years Hitler relaxed and without any particular difficulty conquering European countries, and the inhabitants of the enslaved gladly welcomed invader and occupier. But, and more — the fierce fighting on the ground Russian Union. Initially, Russian troops are reinforced defense of their own borders ("blitzkrieg", "2 in the rear of the enemy», «Call of Duty»). There is not a lot of that fascinating. From time to time, players hunt to experiment, "Let the enemy to Moscow" and watch the result.

In the second step of the war there is a balance of forces. Coming of conduct that Russian troops, the Germans. In such games, there are a huge number of counterattacks.

Third final step of the war is expressed in full superiority of the USSR and its allies. In the games present only in part a reflection of the attack and counterattack.

Yankees look to the second world war so far is not beyond the opening of a second front and landing Squadron in Normandy. For them there is no battle for Moscow and Stalingrad or Kursk Bulge. The winner in all wars, including and during the second world war, America sees only himself.

In conclusion, the hunt say the number of games on the second world war is growing from year to year, and gamers are always a pleasure to play them.

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