2nd Regiment of missiles BrahMos appeared in the army in India

The second missile regiment "BrahMos" appeared in the army in IndiaIn the army (NE) India put into service second regiment land supersonic RK (missiles), "BrahMos". Regiment located in the western part of India along the border with Pakistan. Coupled with this, SW completed test-fired missiles "BrahMos" successfully hit the target, which was located on a military firing range in Rajasthan.

In October last year it was reported that the Ministry of Defence of India wishes to place regiment missile "BrahMos" in the border area with China in Arunachal Pradesh, north-east of the country. Through this offering will be able to hit the Indian military objects located in areas of Tibet Autonomous Area. Meanwhile, at the moment the main military threat to India is Pakistan. Both countries have for each other mutual territorial claims.

It is understood that the supersonic rocket "BrahMos", developed on the basis of Russian missile "Yakhont", capable of a speed that exceeds the speed of sound in 2.5-2.8 times. If we talk about the range of the missile, it can reach 290 km. Rocket developed members of the joint venture Brahmos Aerospace, a bit of which belong to the "NPO Machine Building" (Our Fatherland) and India's DRDO (of military research and development). The creation of "BrahMos" takes place in 3 versions: air, land and sea-based.

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