2nd U.S. Navy did not exist

A second U.S. Navy ceased to exist

The ceremony disbanding 2nd Fleet The United States took place on 30 September at the naval base in Norfolk, reports NavyTimes.

Disbandment Navy as a measure of monetary savings announced January 6, 2011 due to the heavy monetary situation in the Defense Ministry.

With age, again made by management are shared between many areas of responsibility 2nd U.S. Navy. His remaining tasks — training of personnel on the East Coast for rassredotachivaniya in different regions of the world, securing the western Atlantic and command troops in unavoidable situations in the western Atlantic and the Caribbean — will move the Navy Command of the United States.

According to the Command of the Navy, with dissolution of the 205 positions will be eliminated, including 60 officers and 145 soldiers. Respective staff actually one hundred percent transferred to other staff positions in the order of constant rotation or distributed by naval formations in Hampton Roads.

History 2nd Fleet rises to the period of the reorganization of the U.S. Navy after the second world war. The name "2nd fleet"Reserved for the operational and strategic association, formed from the 8th U.S. Navy in February 1950. In recent years, fleet formally consisted only of Staff, in reality, ran dozens of ships and ships that passed in the operational staff from the authority of the Navy Command of the period of operations.

Commanded the 2nd Fleet Vice Adm. Daniel Holloway.

United command armed forces, which was located in Norfolk, August 4 also formally ended its existence.

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