5 people that could be planted by aliens


5 famous people, which many researchers believe the aliens.

1. Mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci starting from the time when he was born. About his childhood memories, he writes: "It occurs to me very earliest memory is that when I was lying in the cradle, a kite came to me, opened my mouth with its tail, and a lot of times the tail touched my lips."

In notebooks maestro can find a list of daily chores: "Show how clouds form and break up, and why one wave appears bluer than the other, to describe the causes of snow and hail, and in the air creates new shapes and new leaves on the trees, and icicles on the rocks in cold places. "

At the sight of his masterpieces, including the "Mona Lisa", which is probably a self-portrait of his female essence, takes the breath away and now. As an inventor, he developed drawings of helicopters, armored tanks, guided missiles, submarines, mortars, and other wonders of the parachute, and anticipated the epoch-making discoveries of Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Darwin.

There is a theory that he had spoken with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that gave him a piece of their knowledge. According to another theory, he himself was a "bright alien" who incarnated on Earth in order to give impetus to the development of earthlings.

2. But the most striking "dark stranger" is considered Adolf Hitler. Hitler was furious energy — a huge number of people, as if hypnotized, they followed him. He survived several assassination attempts.

On the orders of Hitler's concentration camps put psychological and medical experiments on human beings, which he visited several times to watch. At the same time remained completely impassive, seeing the blood and suffering. Ufologists believe that the "dark" aliens are not able to experience what else the earthly sense. Where did Hitler's body after the "suicide" — is unknown to this day.

Unknown, and the fate of the documents in which Hitler had carefully recorded the results of their murderous experiments. It was at a time when the rules of Hitler in Germany have created a UFO as a weapon Third Reich. One of the veterans of the Wehrmacht argues that Hitler initiated a UFO and disappeared on submarines in Antarctica.

3. In the biography Ulyanov-Lenin There is an episode where a little Volodya was lost, and when he was found, the child is very clearly uttered the phrase: "After 75 years, Israel will be reborn!" and then burst into tears and began to call her mother. Bunic researcher believes that the disappearance of the little Volodya was directly related to the UFO, which could give him some over-capacity.

Certainly, the revolutionary leader had enormous energy and charisma that allowed him to lead the masses. Surprising then that Lenin was almost up to the last day of his life was engaged in mental work, written work. When scientists opened his mind, it was found that almost all of that is filled with lime and incredible for the common man. But if we assume that Vladimir Ulyanov was no ordinary man, then things become explicable.

4.In the fact that their man is not dead, and flew back to his home planet, is still firmly believes fans Elvis Presley. A master's degree from London successfully defended his doctoral thesis proving that Elvis Presley was an alien. Presley remains one of the most famous personalities of the world of pop culture.

In America, it has long been entered into the daily lives of ordinary people, along with the presidents and athletes. Jokes, associations, hints, open parodies, etc. have become an integral part of American culture phenomenon. Since the late 1980s in the United States are widespread variety of religious organizations, Presley was idolized and waiting for his "second coming".

5. Prishelitsey from space called a poetess Nick Turbine, and more — emotional explosion, a brilliant talent, child-Pushkin, poetic Mozart. Yevgeny Yevtushenko took her to Italy and America, she received the prestigious award in the field of art "Golden Lion", becoming its owner after the second Russian Anna Akhmatova.

But Akhmatova when receiving awards were in their sixties, and Nick — with a little 10. Write without errors winner — a poet and did not learn. And in the eight years she wrote: "I — sagebrush-grass bitterness on his lips, bitterness in words, I — sagebrush-grass …". Green alien girl suffered from asthma since birth. She died in 28 years by jumping out the window.

On the Internet, there are forums where people communicate who they say they are aliens. Skeptics call these people crazy or pranksters. But some scientists describe aliens almost the same definitions: Pharaonic head shape, narrow hips, high growth, increased sensitivity. Be careful if you see these signs in yourself or others!

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