A-27M certified in China


Ltd. "Aircraft Corporation" Avantage "(IC" Avantage "Samara) completes the validation of Type Certificate light training and multi-purpose single-engine two-seater A-27M in China, said," AviaPort "an informed source in the field of aviation.

He recalled that the plane A-27M has been certified by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) in 2008 and that same year received the Certificate of local noise. Validation is to confirm compliance with the previously obtained characteristics and performance requirements of aircraft airworthiness authorities in China. "Now being necessary documentation to complete the validation that can be expected around November this year," — added the source.

When choosing the type of aircraft the Chinese side was very important the fact that only a handful of Russian multi-purpose light aircraft passed the certification test and have the type certificate of airworthiness IAC. Among these planes, and A is-27M. In 2012, China bought two of A-27M, specially made for the validation, and conducted tests on these machines. "Once the type certificate in China will be negotiated and adopted decisions on procurement opportunities by China A-27M aircraft and possibly in the future, machine assembly," — said the source.

According to him, in 2012, was also put one A-27M aircraft for the aviation training center for flight crews. Samara plane flying club has a technical feature — the left side of the cockpit has a "glass cockpit", and right — the usual, with electromechanical devices. Thus, it is possible to teach students to fly airplanes as a "glass" cockpit and on relatively old aircraft.

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